The QNET-Manchester City Partnership Is Officially Extended

Cityzens, do you have anything planned for this weekend? If the answer includes, “Yes, I’m going to watch the Man City Vs Chelsea match on Sunday,” then great, that’s just what we wanted to hear! If the answer is, “Not really,” or, “I didn’t know about this,” you now have something on your Saturday agenda.

QNET has always been a strong advocate of sports. When it comes to football and Manchester City Football Club, we are genuinely proper fans of the team, which was the first reason that leads to our fantastic partnership! Our beloved team faces off against Chelsea on Saturday at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, kicking off the Premier League match at 17:30 GMT.

Here are five fun facts on Manchester City you might not have known about:

  1. Agüero for the win

Gotta hand it to Sergio Agüero – the man has scored more Premier League goals against Chelsea than any other player in the competition’s history. Excited to see what he’s bringing onto the field this weekend? We certainly are.

  1. Stronger now than we were before

Odds are in our favour, as our Sky Blues have won five of the last six fixtures against Chelsea – a dramatic change from the period before Sheik Mansour’s takeover in 2008, in which City lost six in a row against the same club.

  1. Track record’s looking good this year

City won 13 of their 15 Premier League homes games in 2019. In total, they scored 41 goals and conceded eight. They drew against Tottenham in August and lost to Wolves in October; against Chelsea this month, we can’t wait for them to fill in that blank with a victory!

  1. Highest home game attendance

The team holds the record for highest home attendance by an English football club, packing 84,569 fans into Maine Road for their game against Stoke City in 1934.

  1. Traits of winners

In an interview for The Guardian earlier this month, after recognising Liverpool to be the strongest team in the world at the moment, City manager Pep Guardiola was also quoted saying, “I’ve never gone into a game feeling like an outsider or an underdog, thinking I am not going to win.” Sportsmanship and integrity – essential traits of a winning team.

Make sure you tune in to the Man City Vs Chelsea game this weekend and support our warriors on the field!


The QNET-Manchester City Partnership Is Officially Extended By FIVE Years!