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HomePure Nova Donates Clean Water To University Hospital Of Beni Messous In Algiers


The University Hospital Of Beni Messous in Algiers received a generous donation from QNET of a brand new HomePure Nova machine. This ensures clean water to the patients of the Paediatrics Ward (Children Cancer Centre) and Haematology Department of the University Hospital of Algiers. The Beni Messous was first created during the Second World War to cater to wounded soldiers. It is now a full-fledged general hospital catering to the treatment of a broader range of diseases. It also doubles as a Teaching Hospital based on its excellent and reputation.

The QNET CSR event was a showcase of our commitment to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind or RYTHM, the pillar to all of our charitable activities. The event began with a meet and greet with the doctors and staff where we presented QNET as a company, our passions, and our CSR culture. As part of the activity, not only did we donate three HomePure Nova units, we also helped install them, and demonstrated its usage to them.

We then presented them with the HomePure Nova Water Filtration Systems and ran through all of its benefits, including access to clean and safe Pi Water which provides holistic well-being. We explained how the HomePure water filter is a premium and leading solution to the critical need for clean, healthy and great tasting water.

The event also included a distribution of gifts we had bought for the children. The gifts included colouring books and colouring pencils among many others. Food boxes were also distributed to the hospitalised children and adults, as well as the parents, loved ones, and the staff that were present.  The event was attended by QNET agency managers from Algiers, top leaders, journalists and local Instagram influencers.

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The children and their parents were thrilled to receive the goods, and now have access to water that goes through not one, not two, but NINE stages of filtration, and comes with a 35+ UltraTech Filter Technology! The Doctors and managers extended a warm welcome to QNET to visit again once the rehabilitation work in the Paediatrics Ward is completed.

We are grateful to be able to operate in so many countries around the world, and be able to contribute what we can to the communities that we work in. RYTHM is our passion, and we cannot wait for another opportunity to keep helping in any way we can.


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