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HomePure Nova Participates In Cairo Water Week 2019

Cairo Water Week 2019 HomePure Nova (1)


HomePure Nova attended and participated in the Cairo Water Week 2019 as a diamond exhibitor at the Al Manara International Conference Hall in Egypt. Being a diamond exhibitor meant that HomePure Nova was recognised for its role in supporting water scarcity efforts in the region through its ability to save electricity and to filter water without needing to throw any away or resort to bottled water.

What Is Cairo Water Week?

Cairo Water Week 2019 HomePure Nova (1)

Cairo Water Week was first started to answer the critical question of water scarcity and insufficient access to safe drinking water. Based on the success of the first event, the second Cairo Water Week was held under the auspices of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt His Eminence Mr Abdel Fatah El-Sisi. It was organised by the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, in collaboration with partners both regional and international. What the event does really well is connecting businesses, both government and private, with science, policy and the decision-making mechanisms of water and irrigation.

What Were The Themes And Objectives Of The Event?

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The second Cairo Water Week event was titled “Responding To Water Scarcity,” and addressed five main themes relating to the issue, including achieving sustainable development goals and focussing on efficiency. The goal of the event was to build on last year’s goals, especially as the crisis worsens with each passing year.

The Cairo Water Week 2019 was held on October 20 with the participation of national and international stakeholders, and of course with the participation of exhibitors, the first of which was HomePure Nova.

HomePure Nova At The Cairo Water Week 2019 Event

Cairo Water Week 2019 HomePure Nova 3

The Cairo Water Week was the perfect opportunity for HomePure Nova and QNET to highlight the role of technology in providing clean drinking water for all. The HomePure Nova showcase displayed the nine stages of filtration, and the 35+ UltraTech design that ensures water is processed in a way that reduces people’s dependency on bottled water. It was commended by attendees for its energy efficiency and ease of use as well.

Earlier this year, HomePure Nova achieved an unprecedented accomplishment by becoming the world’s first-ever Ultrafiltration water filter to receive not one, but TWO NSF/ANSI certifications – P231 and P244 – from the Water Quality Association. The award was a nod to HomePure Nova’s emphasis on the quality of the water filter, ensuring protection from viruses and bacteria. If you haven’t gifted yourself clean water yet, do it now! What are you waiting for?


HomePure Nova Bags Prestigious NSF and Water Quality Association Certifications

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