The QNET-Manchester City Partnership Is Officially Extended

Manchester City and Manchester United – one of the biggest Premier League rivalries, and with good reason. Two football clubs from the same city, each with their fair share of victories over the other, and both on a relentless pursuit of League dominance. As Manchester City’s Official Partner, we know who we’re rooting for.

The two teams face off on 7 December at Etihad Stadium, 17:30 pm GMT (8 December 00:30 am ICT).

As we prepare to cheer for our Sky Blues, here are five fun facts about Manchester City and Manchester United that you might not have known before:

1. A Rivalry For The Ages

This rivalry has been going on for nearly a century. The Manchester derby is a term referring to football matches between Manchester City and Manchester United – the first of which took place in 1902!

2. Current League Position

Based on both teams’ performances this season, odds are in favour of our City. Man United currently sits at ninth place out of 20 in the Premier League chart, whereas Man City is at third place.

3. Derby Stats

Out of 178 matches, United have won 73, City won 53, and 52 were draws. United may have won more matches, but City has had bigger victories. Our team also wins in home attendance record, City’s being 84,569 people while United’s record is 81,962.

4. Man City vs. Man United = Oasis vs. Stone Roses

Two of Manchester’s iconic rock bands Oasis and Stone Roses are both avid football fans. You can count on the Gallagher brothers to cheer with us, as they’ve always been Man City supporters. On the other hand, their counterparts from the Stone Roses have always rooted for Man United.

5. Who is the OG?

In light of our City doing really well in recent years, United fans may argue that their Red Devils were the superior team in Manchester for the longest time. They may also bring up the fact that their club was established first (United in 1878, City in 1880), making United the ‘original Mancunian Football Club’. However, let’s never forget Man City’s proud history: our Sky Blues were the FIRST Manchester club to take home a major trophy (winning the FA Cup in 1904), and up until World War Two, they had two FA Cups to United’s one as well as a higher attendance in 31 of the 36 seasons from 1900 to 1939. So, in the truest sense of the word and in areas where it counts, who’s really the OG?

Don’t forget to tune in this weekend and catch our boys in action.


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