Christmas Movies For Direct Sellers

Let’s take the opportunity this holiday season, during breaks from prospecting and selling products, to gather your family to watch and learn from these classic Christmas movies for direct sellers. Here is a list of movies with hidden lessons for direct sellers.

1. It’s A Wonderful Life

Starting this list off with a classic, this movie is a perfect lesson for direct sellers on how no matter how hard life can get, your life is of great value, and is measured in love rather than material goods. Even when you’re as low as you can get, your life is worth something. And life is measured in friends and family, not money.

2. Home Alone

Apart from the obvious lesson to double-check that your kids are all accounted for when you’re going out on a holiday, this feel-good Christmas film is a massive inspiration to believe in yourself, to trust your instincts, to think of your feet, and to be resourceful. These are life-lessons you need to learn as direct sellers as the journey to direct selling success is definitely not easy.

3. A Christmas Carol

With many versions to choose from – starring Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, The Muppets and many more, this is a movie adaptation of the Charles Dickens book of the same name. The story is a reminder of how being miserly and alone brings no joy. It is in sharing your time, resources and knowledge with your QNET family, and aiming to help your downlines succeed, that that you gain the ultimate happiness. There is nothing better, after all, than succeeding together as one team and family.

4. Elf

This movie is a lesson in how every person has their own talents, even if it means they stand out in a group, instead of fitting in. It doesn’t matter if people laugh at you or reject you, or even if they never take you seriously. Just keep going and keep singing. Success will be yours.

5. Die Hard

We know this is not a traditional holiday film, but it is a cult favourite and a Christmas classic, believe it or not. If you’re tired of the feel-good and want an action flick instead. Watch this and learn two important lessons for direct sellers – 1. Seize every opportunity that comes your way, and, 2. Turn every challenge into a triumph.

Bring in the festive season by watching these Christmas movies for direct sellers with your family and QNET friends, and getting in some quality time as well. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season and learn invaluable lessons in direct selling. Let us know if there are any other hidden lessons for direct sellers you picked up from watching these movies. When you’re done with the list or find a new favourite from this list, give us a shout out in the comment section.


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