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Plan Your Year With The 2020 QNET Monthly Sales Calendar

QNET Monthly Sales Calendar

Now that the chaos of the holiday season has all but died down, it’s time to take a look at the 2020 QNET Monthly Sales Calendar. Knowing your sales weeks in advance will help you plan your networking journey in a way that will help you maximise your successes.

Know Your Sales Calendar Terminologies

Before you get started on your plan of action for 2020, familiarise yourself with these terms so that you become fluent in this year’s sales calendar.

  • A Sales Month

Each month of the year represents a sales month. Every year, you get 12 sales months which means you get to test out your strategies and go back to the drawing board to make any adjustments if necessary, and find your success.

  • A Sales Week

2020 has 53 weeks thanks to it being a leap year. This year, every quarter will contain 4-5-5 weeks.

  • Covered Sales Dates

This will show you the exact dates that are covered per week during a sales week. We typically start a sales week every Saturday at 00:00 HKST and end it every Friday at 23:59 HKST.

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Your 2020 QNET Monthly Sales Calendar

Why Is This Calendar Important?

The best way to stay ahead of the game is to plan ahead. This QNET Monthly Sales Calendar designed especially for you will help you do just that. The sales calendar is a visual representation of deadlines that will help you hone in on what you need to do to meet your targets.

In the words of our illustrious QNET CEO Malou Caluza, “2020 is all about sustainable success. It’s about taking what you’ve already built and perfecting it, sharing the knowledge and replicating it so that we can bring every member of our QNET Family to the success we’ve all been working so hard for.”



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