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Sustainability 101: Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Eco-Conscious Better Half

Have a greener, more eco-conscious Valentine’s Day this year by making a decision to buy a sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other. And to make your 2020 zero-waste lifestyle easier for you, here is a list of unique, thoughtful AND environmentally friendly presents that are sure to go down a treat.

Grow An Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

Forget flowers. Your bae will be more than thrilled to receive this eco gift that keeps on giving. Many garden centres come with pre-grown herbs that only require you to water them regularly. Whether you chose wild strawberries or fresh mint, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

Create A Zero-Waste Gift Hamper

Fill a canvas tote bag (or a tote made from recycled materials) with plastic-free swaps to regular products – a reusable razor, a bamboo toothbrush, metal straws, shampoo bars, a ceramic travel coffee mug – you name it. A hamper like this will not only show bae that you care but will also help you both do your bit for the environment while also being romantic.

Cook A Plant-Based Romantic Candlelight Meal

Vegan Candlelight Dinner

With the help of your new herb garden, and a few YouTube videos, you can cook a romantic plant-based meal for two on Valentines Day. There’s plenty of options that aren’t salad, and you get to play at being a master chef. A plant-based dinner shows you care about ingredients and their eco-impact AND your partner’s health. A win-win!

Buy Gifts Made Of Recycled Material

Buying eco-conscious and recycled products are a great way to show you’re thinking of your better half while not appearing cheap. There are plenty of brands in the market that currently do luxury handbags and bracelets made from ocean waste or vegan materials.

Gift A Bouquet Of Long Lasting Flowers

Nothing says I love you more than flowers – especially flowers that last a long time. Make your own paper flowers or buy some of the local artists on Etsy. These flowers will not die or droop in a few days but will be a reminder of your love every time bae looks at it.

Invest In Jewellery And Watches

Bernhard H Mayer Jewellery and Watches

When you buy high-quality handcrafted jewellery and luxury watches, you are giving your love a present that lasts many decades, that can be used and reused, thereby reducing wastage and harmful ecological impact. Look no further than our Bernhard H. Mayer® watches and jewellery collection to get an idea of what you can buy for bae.

Donate To A Green Cause

Adopt an animal from a conservation project in your bae’s name, pay towards eco-projects that make a real difference or volunteer with a coastal clean-up activity. Whatever you choose, practise RYTHM with your partner, and create a new memory while making a difference.

And there you have it – sustainable Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to make this day special. Which of these ideas will you adopt to make your Valentine’s Day Zero Waste? Leave us a comment.


Sustainability 101: 20 Ways To Live A Zero-Waste 2020

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