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Lessons From Dolittle On Team Building In Direct Selling

Lessons From Dolittle

In this retelling of a classic story about a doctor who can speak to animals, we learnt quite a few lessons from Dolittle that we can apply to our network marketing journeys – especially when it comes to building relationships and a team. Whether you prefer the Eddie Murphy version or this one with Robert Downie Jr, these lessons from Dolittle are universal. If you haven’t heard of the movie, the basic premise is that Doctor Dolittle can speak to animals, and because of that special skill, he is able to care for and protect creatures from all over the world.

1. Embrace The Differences

Even if you are cut from the same cloth, every member of your QNET family brings to the table their unique skill and expertise. Everyone comes with different strengths, which means there’s a much wider scope for growth opportunities as a team. Polly the macaw provided counsel, Yoshi the polar bear brought strength and cheer, Dab-dab the duck took each challenge in his stride, Chee-Chee the gorilla pushed himself despite being plagued by fear, Jip the dog is loyal and committed, and Dolittle is a brilliant leader. Just like in the movie where each animal friend combined their capabilities with Dolittle to make positive outcomes possible, so it is in QNET.

2. Diversify Your Team

The portrayal of diversity in the movie opens our horizons on what it actually means to be a diverse team. Diversity doesn’t just mean traits you were born with – such as your gender or ethnicity but also means traits you acquired on the way. Dolittle is a great reminder of how creating and nurturing diverse teams is the best way to create a stronger long-term impact. If you are a team leader or are considering being one, channel your inner Dolittle and gather a team that is diverse.

3. Create Time For Relationship Growth

Relationships don’t start functioning like clockwork the minute you meet. They need to be nurtured. Just like in the movie where the animals and the doctor got to know each other through every challenge and adversity, and every good time, in direct selling, we need to get to know our QNET family. We need to build the right foundation so that we can grow as a highly-functional team that achieves goal after goal, and overcomes challenge after challenge.

4. Build Trust

Encourage an environment where people can be their authentic selves without needing to play a part. Making sure you create a safe environment for people to be themselves is a great way to foster trust. This, in turn, will create a space for different viewpoints to be seen, felt, heard and understood. And success comes from working in a space where trust is number one.

5. Celebrate Team Victories

In Dolittle, every time they overcame a challenge or achieved a milestone, there was a celebration. Nothing fancy, but the act of being together in each other’s successes was a great motivator. In direct selling and in QNET, share your success with your teammates and then encourage them to share their highlights with you as well. Be proud of each other and hear every voice in your team.

Have you watched Dolittle yet? Are there any lessons from Dolittle that resonates with you? Leave us a comment. And don’t forget to tell us what you do with your team that really helps with your successes at QNET.




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