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Luxury Watch 101: An Interview With Bernhard H. Mayer

What better way to add to our Luxury Watch 101 series than to read this insightful interview with Bernhard H. Mayer – a direct descendant of the Bernhard H. Mayer family that creates the luxury range of watches we all love and covet. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your favourite watch brand, its craft, and its inspiration – all in one brilliant interview with Bernhard H. Mayer.

What makes the Bernhard H. Mayer® brand so unique?

It is our family history that makes us stand out. The brand came to being from one man’s vision from almost 150 years ago, slowly developing to a global presence. Even our name has a meaning behind it.

  • Bernhard means burning heart, the passionate desire to work for mankind.
  • Heinrich means a leader or sovereign who guides his family or his realm.
  • Mayer derives from Mayor, again a leader of a community.

Are all the Bernhard H. Mayer® watches handmade by craftsmen?

Yes, they are all handmade by craftsmen. We’re committed to crafting timepieces that combine the tradition of watchmaking by our master craftsmen with the latest in horological advancements. We make sure that our Bernhard H. Mayer® watches are excellence in design, craftsmanship, precision and lasting value.

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What are the most challenging things when you conceive a luxury watch design?

The most challenging thing is to understand the desire of customers in the future. It changes rapidly.  We also have to be up-to-date with the latest advancements and technologies in the Swiss watch industry without exception, always.

What inspires you most when you design Bernhard H. Mayer® watches?

Bernhard H Mayer Mechanique Rose Gold

Like all great watchmakers of our time, as masters of crafting luxury watches, we draw inspiration from just about anything. We are inspired by our history, architecture, nature, and even art, as they can be vastly out-of-the-ordinary and exceptional.

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What inspires me the most is the idea of giving our customers a product that fills them with pride. We want to create watches and jewellery that excites and satisfies. Creating an object that is so beautiful and perfect that it fills the heart of the owner with joy and happiness for years – that is the source of my inspiration. It is perfectly in line with the Bernhard H. Mayer family spirit.

What are the most important things for you when you design a new watch?

The first and most important step is to know what customers need, and fulfil it through our hand-crafted timepieces. We’ve designed a variety of choices for our customers, whatever their desire. Whether they love a classic timepiece, whether they want it as a symbol of high fashion and luxury, whether they just want something sturdy and sporty – they will find it all in the Bernhard H. Mayer collection.

Which trait is more important –  functionality or visual quality?

We meticulously design every Bernhard H. Mayer® timepiece to serve both purposes. So, not only is it a high-quality luxury collectable Swiss watch, but it is also something you can pass on to the next generation.

Which Bernhard H. Mayer® watch do you like the most among your designs?

Bernhard H Mayer Mechanique Rose Gold

This is a very hard decision for me to make. Each design has its uniqueness and beauty. If I HAD to choose one though, I would say my favourite timepiece in the latest collection is the Bernhard H. Mayer® Mecanique Rose Gold.  The watch comes in striking rose gold, its open case back allows you to observe its 17 jewels carefully arranged throughout a Swiss Made Manual Movement, which is the most original of all movements. The Mecanique Rose Gold represents timeless elegance that appeals to watch fans, collectors, and style-oriented individuals alike, making it my multi-faceted favourite.

We hope you enjoyed and learned something from this interview with Bernhard H. Mayer, the current reigning patriarch of this luxury watch brand we all love. Feel free to leave comments, share this post, and definitely ask us more questions about luxury watches that you think we can answer.


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