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QNET To Roll Out IR Declaration Form Globally


In a fast-changing business environment, it is important for us to ensure that our customers and distributors get the best value from their experiences with us. As we look ahead to the brave new world of the 2020s, and explore how technology will shape the future, we continue to introduce enhancements to our systems and processes to enable our global community of customers and distributors to successfully build an ethical and sustainable business.

As the QNET business grows across boundaries and we welcome new customers and aspiring entrepreneurs into our fold, we need to ensure that those who join us understand what they are committing to. To address this, we will be introducing a simple additional step in the registration process of all new Independent Representatives (IR).

This form will appear towards the end of the enrolment process, just before the registrant is taken to the payment page. The new registrant must read and electronically sign this declaration to show that he or she has read and understood the nature of the business and is signing up of their own free will.

Due to the changing demographics of our customers and our commitment to creating a system that encourages sound business practices, this is a necessary step to prevent people from misusing the QNET name or misrepresenting the business.

This will be a mandatory step to complete the registration. The IR Declaration Form will be launched on March 10.

To help you prepare for the process, please view the IR Declaration Form here. Please note that this is a sample form. It will differ based on country, region, and the plan you have signed up under.

This will be implemented in 2 ways:

  • For new IRs who will register on or after 10 March 2020, the IR Declaration Form will appear before the payment page during the registration process;
  • For existing IRs who registered before 10 March 2020, the IR Declaration Form will appear before the product payment page.

Some pointers for the IR Declaration Form:

  • All IRs must review and understand the contents of the declaration and confirm electronically before you proceed with the registration and/or product purchase. You will receive a copy of the IR Declaration Form by email within one (1) week after you complete the registration.
  • IRs who do not confirm the statements in the IR Declaration Form will not be able to register or purchase products from the QNET e-Store.
  • This is a one-time requirement that will be implemented in all markets where QNET operates. This step is applicable to both web and mobile app registrations.

Please check our FAQs to learn more about the IR Declaration Form.  In the coming weeks, we will also be rolling out more visual aids (e.g. user journey video, Infographics) in the Virtual Office to help you navigate the process.

Let’s work together to ensure we build a company to last!


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