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Coronavirus Travel Advice: Protect Yourself On Your Next Holiday

With the worldwide spread of COVID-19, we’ve put together a list of Coronavirus travel advice to help make your next holiday worry-free. This definitive list will help answer all your questions about travelling during the Coronavirus outbreak, including pre-holiday precautions, travel must-dos, and how to stay safe while holidaying.


Unless you get official advice from your government or the government of the country you are travelling to, you needn’t cancel your trip just yet. Just make sure you take these precautionary measures, just in case.

1. Get Travel Insurance

Make sure that you and your family are covered, not just in case of medical emergencies while on holiday, but also in case of flight cancellations. There is a risk of transport services being cancelled, and insurance will help you get reimbursed in such cases.

2. Check Before You Book

As an act of good faith, most places that have been struggling with the Coronavirus outbreak have been doing their best to accommodate travellers. It would be best to check with your local authorities’ travel and health advisories before you finalise your travel plans.

If you are travelling using QVI and you have some concerns regarding the outbreak, please feel free to contact our Customer Care and we will endeavour to help you and make sure that you don’t lose your benefits over this. Visit for more info.

3. Check For Covid-19 Travel Warnings

Before you go on your trip, Google your destination and see if there are any official warnings against travelling there. If you have gigs booked or attractions you want to visit, make sure they haven’t been cancelled or closed. The Centre For Disease Control and Prevention has created a list of FAQs for travellers. It would be useful to read up on it before you travel.

TIP: Bookmark this live map of global COVID-19 cases so that you can stay on top of places where the disease is more widespread.

4. Don’t Travel If You’re Ill

Coronavirus Symptoms

Whether you think you have COVID-19 or not, it is better to not travel if you’re feeling ill. If you have any of the symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not go to a hospital. Instead, call your local doctor, and self-quarantine. If there’s even a slight chance that you might have it, it’s better to stay home rather than risk spreading the disease even more.


There are simple ways to protect yourself from the Coronavirus that are just the same things you would do against any other general flu. Follow the Coronavirus travel advice that includes – washing your hands regularly, covering your mouth and nose while sneezing, coughing into your elbow/sleeve, eating healthily, introducing Vitamin C into your life, and so on.

1. Pack Covid-19 Travel Essentials

When you’re packing for your holiday, make sure you’re also packing surgical masks which you should use when in a public place with lots of people. Also essential on this trip will be your hand-sanitiser and BioSilver Gel 22 to help kill the microbes, EDG3 to keep your immunity up, and rubbing alcohol and wipes to sanitise surfaces you might come across.

2. Disinfect Surfaces

Now you’re all set for your travel. Make sure you spray and wipe down any handles and surfaces you might come into contact with while travelling – whatever your mode of transport. If you’re using a public restroom, keep a pack of tissues in your pocket and use it to handle doorknobs and railings you might have to touch during your travel. The same goes for your hotel. Clean all surfaces and consider bringing your own towels. The same goes for any attraction or restaurant you visit.


Visit a local tourist information centre or talk to your hotel receptionist to find out where to seek medical advice in case you need it. Find out the local COVID-19 helpline numbers, and what the self-quarantine protocol is. And if there are warnings issued in the place you visit, stay indoors and don’t take the risk.

Please let us know in the comments if there are any other Coronavirus travel advice we can add to our list. Do share this with your friends and family so that they are fully equipped with the latest information on how to protect themselves while on vacation. Have a worry-free and safe holiday!


9 Simple Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

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