QNET In Malaysia IWD 2020 Blood Donation (1)

Staff and volunteers of QNET in Malaysia donated blood and raised awareness about organ donation on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Despite the Covid-19 fears, QI group employees, QNET Malaysia volunteers and staff came out in numbers, answering the call of ‘Raise Yourself To Help Mankind’.

The Women’s Day charity event was themed Save Lives-Donate now, and was organised in partnership with the Malaysian National Blood Centre and National Transport Resource Centre. Apart from raising awareness about the importance of donating blood to help top-up the stock of blood banks, the activity was supported by local communities who helped by registering as organ donors.

Organ donation is an extremely generous act of voluntarily giving a part of your body to someone who needs it. It is an act that can literally save thousands of lives in Malaysia every year. Becoming an organ donor only takes a few minutes, but this act can bring a lifetime of health to those who are waiting for a transplant.

QNET In Malaysia IWD 2020 Blood Donation (1)

Through RYTHM Foundation, this is the sixth year that QNET in Malaysia has marked International Women’s Day with a blood donation and an organ pledge drive. With over 100 people donating blood, and 34 people signing the organ pledge donation, the two-day campaign was a huge success.

QNET In Malaysia IWD 2020 Blood Donation (2)

Along with V Partner Kuna Senathirajah, and QI Directors Boey Kho, Pushpam Appalanaidu and Krishna Kumar, over 100 employees, volunteers and staff were present at the event. This International Women’s Day activity was also covered by local media, and shown on Bernama TV in Malaysia.

This is just one of the many RYTHM themed activities we have going on this month in honour of women, our real cornerstones, and behind-the-scenes support systems. If you haven’t already signed up for one of the many RYTHM activities happening in your communities, volunteer with a local agency on a project that helps women, and do your bit today.


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