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QNET Founder Speaks To Forbes About Direct Selling and Women

Direct Selling And Women Vijay Eswaran

In an insightful interview with Forbes, Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran spoke in-depth about direct selling and women – from the role of women in his own personal life to the policies and work ethic inspired by them in QNET and QI Group. Apart from making an executive decision to commit 10% of the revenues of the group towards RYTHM Foundation, Dato Sri has founded a gender-equal direct selling company that focusses on entrepreneurial opportunities in over 30 countries worldwide.

The Role Of Women

Our beloved grand upline spoke passionately about direct selling and women, and especially about the women who shaped his life. He spoke fondly of his grandmother who was a matriarch that ran a multigenerational family-like clockwork. Dato’s mother was an independent working woman and teacher.

His wife, Datin Sri Umayal Eswaran, is a powerhouse in her own right, the driving force behind Taarana School for children with special needs, and the Maharani Camp that has changed the lives of thousands of girls in Malaysia.

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His first boss was the only female Vice President at a major tech company, and was his first work mentor who taught him how to plan, prepare and predict project outcomes. It is these women, and so many more that came into his life at various milestones that made him the man he is today.

However, he brought to light the continuing struggles women face, and the importance of continuing to raise awareness about them. He said, “Women represent an indispensable half of humanity but their status and significance has always been defined in comparison with the other half. This must change.”

How To Reduce Economic Gender Gap

Dato Sri believes that the burden to reduce the gender gap is so far led by women, and urges men to understand that it is also their responsibility. He believes that men should be more than just allies and actively participate in making the workplace and home a more equal playing field. He advises business leaders to create a diverse and equal working environment, and an open corporate culture that encourages, builds and lifts women up.

At QNET and QI Group, he does exactly that. Direct Selling and women are a match made in heaven, catering to flexible lifestyles, and the opportunity to work and progress purely based on your merits, rather than your gender. In a corporate level, 46% of the group’s employees are women, with a whopping 43% in the managerial level. 30% of the board is made up of women, with the percentage growing higher and higher with each passing year.

To read the whole interview, click on Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran Forbes Interview.





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