QNET and Coronavirus

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about QNET and Coronavirus, and everything QNET is doing to keep you safe during these unprecedented pandemic times. Just as you are practising safe COVID-19 etiquette, we are doing everything we can to ensure business is safe and efficient as usual.


1. How is QNET handling the COVID-19 situation that is now affecting global communities and businesses?

Like most companies with global operations, QNET is closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19, not only in our business operations but also in relation to our distributors’ and employees’ wellbeing. We have set up precautionary health measures for our office employees, and we have also been coordinating with our global partners and suppliers to ensure business continuity during this period.

2. Will there be interruptions in product fulfilment and delivery due to the crisis?

In lieu of Coronavirus, QNET is stepping up communication with our suppliers and business partners and looking into setting up additional capacity to ensure that all product orders are fulfilled and delivered to all our customers. Should there be any issues, we will inform everyone via the VO and our social media channels.


How To Handle Packages During Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

3. Will there be any changes to customer service/support during this time?

In view of the recent decision by the Malaysian Government to implement a nationwide movement control order effective 18 March to 14 April in an attempt to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, there will be a temporary adjustment to the Global Support Centre’s (GSC) operating hours as stated below:

2:00pm – 02:00am Hong Kong Time (GMT +8)

Monday to Friday 

During this period, phone call service to our hotline +603 7949 8288 and toll-free number will be available.

Some of our other Global Support Centres in other countries are also continuing to serve you from home. For local plans, you may refer to your respective country’s announcement in your VO should there be any temporary adjustment of your country’s GSC operating hours.

4.  How else can we connect with the GSC?

The following channels will be available for our global distributors and customers to use:

Help Centre via Virtual Office (VO)

Email at global.support@qnet.net

Live Chat for certain countries

5. Will there still be training events held in different locations?

In order to help prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have decided to modify and/or cancel our large-scale training events and product expos around the world until further notice. In lieu of these, we are increasing online communication and webinar trainings to help our global distributors stay connected virtually and not lose business momentum.

6. How can I still enrol downlines/conduct presentations during this time?

We would like to again reiterate the need to implement social distancing and re-evaluate participating in large group gatherings. This is in line with government directives globally.

While the V Family continues to provide you with business updates and training videos, accessible via VTube+, the V website and our social media channels, we would like to recommend you leverage technology to run the business. Two easy-to-use options are:

Whatsapp and Zoom

7. Where can we get regular updates on QNET during this period?

Your Virtual Office is your one-stop-shop for all QNET updates. In addition, you have the following channels at your disposal:

Qbuzz – https://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/

Instagram – @qnetofficial

Facebook – @qnetofficial

These are very powerful tools and channels for your use, so make sure to subscribe or follow these channels for up to the minute updates on QNET and Coronavirus, if you haven’t already. Lastly, always connect with your uplines and team members and look after one another.


Conducting Your Business During Coronavirus Social Distancing