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QNET Success Story: Platinum Star V Partner Ibn Abbas

Ibn Abbas Success Story

V Partner Ibn Abbas Soliman, also a Platinum Star, always believed in the power of perseverance and paying good things forward. When he first joined the QNET direct selling business, he worked hard towards achieving his goals and aspired for excellence, not only for himself but also for others.

Read on to find out more about our beloved Platinum Star Ibn Abbas.

How did it feel when you were called on stage as a QNET Achiever?

It was an awesome feeling! It felt good to realise that my hard work paid off and that I have achieved a goal,  at the same time, I felt that I have an important responsibility to maintain my rank and help my downlines to move to higher ranks. Achieving once is not the main goal, the main goal is to maintain as an Achiever.

What advice would you give your team to become an Achiever like you?

I always advise my team and other IRs around the world to work hard to achieve something great. Since the company gives us this opportunity to rise in rank, why not aim for the best?

Other than a higher income, what is becoming an Achiever all about?

Leaders were once followers, and this is what we practice in QNET. We joined as followers, learn from the best Direct Selling professionals in QNET, develop ourselves based on learnings and experiences, and then become leaders. An Achiever is a leader. So, more than just earning a higher income, becoming an Achiever is all about leadership.

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QNET rewards the Achievers by taking them to exciting destinations annually. How did it feel the first time you went on this trip?

Wow! What a feeling. I remember we went to London. Being part of that team, with QNET Directors and Founders, was such a great feeling. Going to Etihad Stadium to watch the match with the Achievers and seeing the QNET logo live on the stadium – I felt so proud!


You’ve done many great things to be where you are now; what is the key to your success?

Well, it’s very simple: I never give up, no matter how hard it is. Nothing was easy when we started out in the business, most of the people also gave up when they realized that the road to success is not easy but I did not. I persevered and never stopped even when I face challenges. I always gave things. I tried to do things that are directed towards my success, day after day because I truly believed that I will achieve my goals. So, the key is never giving up and always believing in yourself.

What’s your next goal now? What’s the next big thing you want to achieve?

When we started this business, I followed our Founders’ credo: Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. I’m in a state today where I have raised myself, so the next goal, the next mission, is to help mankind.

Do you have any specific plans on how you’ll achieve your next goal?

I intend to fulfil the vision set forth by our Founders. Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark have given us the opportunity to share their vision for over 21 years, and so, today, the mission is to take this for another 21 years and beyond. Helping mankind, to me means passing on to others the things that I have learned and eventually led me to become a better person and succeed. It could mean reaching out to them in terms of travelling from country to country or through other ways possible.

Platinum Star V Partner Ibn Abbas is a true role model to all direct sellers who want to find success and leave a legacy! We cannot wait to see what milestone he achieves next!



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