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QNET Success Story: Platinum Star V Council Member Omar Medhat

V Council Member Omar Medhat QNET Success Story Featured

V Council Member Omar Medhat, also a Platinum Star and a true leader in QNET, is a man who puts his team members before himself. In this interview, Platinum Star Omar Medhat shares with us his insights about the things that make people successful and more!

How did you feel the first time you were called on stage as a QNET Achiever?

I was called on stage as a QNET Achiever for the first time in 2012. I could never forget that moment; when you have a dream and then they call you up, telling you that you’ve achieved one of your dreams, it’s one of the best moments of your life. It was so exciting not only for me but for my whole team as well! I still remember this V-Conference; there were about 400-500 members of our team there, and to go onto the stage for the first time as a Platinum Star, that was a very big deal for us.

What advice do you give your team to become an Achiever?

The most important thing for me is focus. You have to focus and put a plan to achieve. There are many other traits as well, like determination and perseverance, but I think focus is what you need the most.

Aside from earning a higher income, what are the other reasons one should strive to become an Achiever?

Aside from income, recognition is very important in this industry. When you get recognised, you feel that you’ve truly done something worthwhile, and after that, your team will want to get recognised as well. And by the way, once you get recognised, your income will increase as well because it makes you want to do more! You’ll want to work more and your downlines will follow, so this is essential for your performance as a team.

QNET rewards the Achievers by taking them to exciting destinations annually. How did it feel the first time you went on this trip?

My first Achievers Club incentive trip was in London, in 2016, and it was amazing. Previously, before entering the direct selling business, I was a soccer player; I used to watch all the games, it was my favourite sport, and to finally attend a Premier League match was a dream come true. A lot of people just want to go to these matches because on TV it’s one thing, but being there, seeing it live at the stadium, is something else. And on top of attending the match, we were there with the giants – the QNET Founders and V Partners! We had a tour, a cruise and a dinner, and a lot of meetings. It was fantastic.

Being an Achiever is a word for being very successful. What are the keys to success in our industry?

The advice I would give is: first, you have to set a goal and then put a plan to achieve this goal. Just focus on that goal and keep working – hard work, hard work, hard work, and never give up until you achieve it. I don’t want to repeat myself, but that really is all you have to do!

Since you’ve reached Achiever status, what’s your next goal?

Well, it’s not just about being an Achiever – you have to sustain it. You have to stay an Achiever. From Platinum Star, you go to Diamond Star, and after that is Blue Diamond Star. You have to always aim for higher ranks because at the end, it’s not just for you – it’s for your team as well.

We thank V Council Member Omar Medhat for this candid interview, and for showing us how to “Set It, Plan It, Achieve It!” when it comes to goals. We firmly believe that his goal of reaching Blue Diamond Star status will soon be reality.



  1. thanks omar for this tips for success …. networking and football is in the blood
    we never lose either we win or we learn
    see you always at the top bro. 🙂
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