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QNET IR Midhulaj Paramba On Becoming Platinum Star During Covid-19 Pandemic

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QNET IR and new Platinum Star Midhulaj Paramba is a true testament to how direct selling is the perfect choice during economic uncertainties. Amidst lockdowns and social distancing measures currently implemented globally in an attempt to flatten the COVID-19 curve, Midhulaj Paramba has risen through the Achievers’ Club ranks to become a Platinum Star in QNET. What an achievement!

Midhulaj Paramba’s Story

A grade 8 kick-out, Midhulaj started to work for a living when he was 15 years old. He moved to Kuwait when he was 19 and worked as an employee in various companies since then. He then landed a job in the automotive industry where he was offered a good position which, he later on realised was just a ‘title’ that paid him barely enough money cover his rent, debts and bills. With his financial situation in dire straits, he kept his eyes open for opportunities to augment his income.

Along came V Partner Sachin Gupta, his upline whom he met in Kuwait. Fast forward to today, he is living a very comfortable life with his family in Dubai, and they are expected to move into their own villa very soon.  Midhulaj Paramba welcomed this year big by achieving the Platinum Star rank in January 2020 and has kept a consistent pace since then.

The Right Time To Grow Your QNET Business IS NOW!

In this interview, Midhulaj Paramba not only shares why he believes that now is the right time to grow a direct selling business but he also shares some useful tips and tech that help him and his team grow in this unprecedented time.

1. What adjustments have you made to ensure that your business will continue to grow amidst this recession?

V Partner Sachin Gupta has always taught us to keep the same focus amidst all circumstances and to always stay ‘connected’, so making adjustments did not come as a difficult task. This is our culture. The only adjustment I think we did is that we have switched to online meetings and calls now, and for this, we use the app Zoom. Through this application, our team keeps in touch through increased online meetings and calls.

It is also very important to keep a positive mindset. For our team, our current mindset is; “now is the RIGHT TIME to grow our business”.

2.  What technology do you use to connect with your team or make sales?

We conduct planning meetings using Zoom and close sales using Zoom, too.

3. Which app do you like best and why?

Zoom is best because it is easy to operate. You’ll only need your contact list and a reliable internet connection. It is also cost-efficient; if one person purchases a Zoom ID, 1,000 people will also be able to access it at the same time through meetings. So, one leader can purchase a zoom ID and then all his sales team members can easily connect for meetings, no matter where in the world they may be.

4.  How do you utilise your time and connect with your team during this period?

Personally, this time has led me to do a lot of self-realisation. These days, I spend time reading books and sharing my learnings with others so I do not only develop myself but others, as well. I have also started to call people whom I have lost contact with for quite some time. I take this time as an opportunity to rebuild relationships and reconnect with people.

I dedicate my evenings to having zoom calls with my sales team. We plan and discuss sales strategies– it is very important to keep them close and motivated especially at this time.

4. Many leaders have realised the importance of training and education in managing a crisis like this, can you please give your views on this, too?

I personally think that trainings and connectivity need to be increased nowadays. Like I said earlier, it is very important to keep your team close and motivated, so training and visibility is key. Through training and education, we empower our people and through visibility, we send a message to our teams that we are here for them, we will stick together no matter what – and this strengthens their confidence in us and in the business, too.

5. Do you think that Direct Selling is a business that can withstand economic downturns?

YES! It is mainly because Direct Selling does not depend on economic conditions. It depends on people who believe in the products of a company, they use the products and promote them to earn and help others to do the same. This is the power of the direct selling business opportunity.

6. What’s the biggest challenge in doing business during the pandemic and how can we overcome it?

Challenges are a part of life and we have to face them from time to time, it is a normal process. One big factor that will help us get through any kind of challenge is the culture we got used to because it determines our mindset. Our mindset affects the way we react to things, especially the ones that are beyond our control. We must make sure that we build and teach the right culture and mindset because this will help us tremendously in facing challenges. Treat each challenge as an opportunity that will help us shape our decisions and ourselves to become better human beings.

7. With the current economic scenario caused by the COVID pandemic, companies are cutting down on costs, or worse, shutting down. As a result, unemployment rates have been skyrocketing even in major countries. How do you think Direct Selling can help?

I have actually realised this 5 years ago when I have just started my QNET business. Direct selling is an amazing option for people to explore especially now when unemployment rates are high and people are being limited in terms of personal interaction due to social distancing measures imposed in many countries. Direct Selling, like any other businesses compensate people for the sales of products and services, it is your own business, which means that you will earn as long as you make sales. You can’t get fired when your sales are down, you only have one option, and that is for you to push sales until you achieve your sales goals. Direct Selling also gives you an opportunity to help other people achieve their goals, and this is not something that traditional business models can offer.

Congratulations to our new Platinum Star Midhulaj Paramba on his latest QNET achievement. We cannot wait to see all the other feathers he’s sure to collect for his cap!



  1. Please i would love to know more about QNET a friend of mine introduced it to me but my question is can someone who is working do the business , if yes how thank you

  2. its interesting to know about the star acheivers success story on QNet. My query is how we can manage the family financial responsibility even when we do not have another source of income except working in industry. Because leaving job for 1 year and start doing business here via QNET then who will take care of the current family lialbilities especially the candidate living as middle class family and have no alternate source of income. How QNET will help us to take care of our family accountability and responsibility??

    • Hi Puneet, thank you so much for your insightful message. We will ask Midhulaj on your behalf and get back to you with an answer. Please let us know if you’d be okay with us quoting you.


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