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Protect Your Health, Hygiene And Home With QNET Products During Covid-19

QNET products have always been designed and curated with YOUR absolute living in mind. Despite the unprecedented Covid-19 global pandemic situation, the protection of your health, hygiene and home is number one on our list of priorities. With this in mind, we have created 360° Protection combos of QNET products that will help protect your families and loved ones through this lockdown.

QNET Helps Boost Your Health

QNET Products Protect Your Health Stay Safe Combos

Boost your immunity and stay healthy with QNET’s range of health and wellness products that have multiple benefits that are more useful than ever. Olé boosts your immune system functioning and is jam-packed with antioxidant goodness. Q Alive improves men’s vitality through an advanced patented technology that delivers the long-term health benefits of Tongkat Ali Physta®. EDG3 Junior is the antioxidant producing blend that helps build your kids’ immune system and boosts natural glutathione in their body.  These QNET products will help you maintain good health all year-round.

Improving Your Immunity Is The Best Defence Against Coronavirus

QNET Is There For Your Hygiene Needs

StaySafe PersonalCare 2

Staying at home during the Covid-19 lockdown is no excuse to sleep on your hygiene. Take care of your dental health with Prospark, a non-fluoridated toothpaste with an exclusive formulation that enhances the production of glutathione in your body naturally. Biosilver 22 Gel with SilverSol technology and its anti-bacterial and viral properties are perfect to protect your family from germs. It is also perfect for wiping down surfaces to keep your family safe.

QNET Enhances Your Home

StaySafe home and living 2

As people who are privileged enough to stay indoors during these tough times, we need to take advantage of the fact that we can make our home a healthy haven. Protecting our family by providing them with clean water and air is the least we can do during these times when we can’t leave our homes. With QNET’s HomePure Nova water filter and the AirPure Zayn air purifier, you not only take care of your family’s health but also keep them stay safe, healthy, and eco-friendly.

A Round-Up Of Global Advice On Coronavirus And Water

Whatever your home needs during the Coronavirus lockdown, we have your back with our wide range of QNET Products. Keep a lookout for our special product combos made especially for you and your family, to help see you through these hard times. Stay home and stay safe!


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