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Blue Diamond Star and V Partner Sachin Gupta On Taking A Chance On QNET

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A leader and an inspiration to many, V Partner Sachin Gupta sits with us to talk about QNET as an alternative income source to traditional employment, and his life before QNET in this series of QNET Success Stories. V Partner Sachin Gupta was an employee for 9 years. However, feeling that he could always do more and earn more, he changed his life completely when he started to build his Direct Selling business with QNET. Today, V Partner Sachin Gupta is recognised by all in our community for being one of the first-ever Blue Diamond Stars of QNET. A man with sheer determination and an ‘always positive’ mindset, V Partner Sachin Gupta is living proof of what one can achieve with the right amount of focus, hard work and discipline.

Tell us a bit about you and your life before QNET?

I would say that I am from all over the world, actually. But if you ask me where I’m based, I’m based in UAE now. I live in Dubai. I have been with QNET for 11 years. If I have to give a metaphor for my life before QNET, I would say I was like a dog. I was like a street dog. My dogs now live a better life than the one I had before QNET.

How did you discover QNET?

Somebody called me and told me about QNET. I think I attracted it. I was already desperately looking out for opportunities because my reason to start my own business was very clear before QNET came into my life. I realised that after 9 years of the ‘corporate journey’, with a new role every 18 months, and consistent growth in the corporate world, that if I continued doing this for 20 more years, I’d not reach anywhere. It was like running in a circle. Whether or not I came first, I’d still be in the circle. So, that was the point in life where I realised I needed better opportunities to break out of that circle and have my own life.

What made you decide to join QNET?

I just asked myself, “Do I have any other option?” The answer was no. This QNET business opportunity didn’t require too much money to start, you just had to buy the products. And I felt there was hope in the QNET opportunity. There was no hope otherwise. I had nothing to lose, actually, so I didn’t do any research. I didn’t even look at the Compensation Plan, I just thought, “Whatever it is, I want to change my life. Enough procrastination. I want to take my first step and move forward.”

How long did it take you to earn your first cheque? Or earn consistently?

It was a roller coaster ride, actually. Initially, in the first month, I’d gotten a few Direct Referrals (DR’s). Not all of them are actively doing the business. So, for me to earn consistent weekly cheques, it took over 14 or 15 months. I left my job in the fourth month of my QNET journey. I was working hard, all alone, my team was growing, my responsibilities were increasing, but I never got money in hand. And yet, I was happy; at least I was doing something for others and myself, an opportunity which I’d been waiting for.

The reason I went out of the ‘corporate’ phase was to be able to work without thinking, “Oh my God, I’m working but I’m not getting paid enough!” When it comes to the QNET business, it is all about making sure that you and your sales teams are selling products because no one can actually earn without selling products! It was still my responsibility to make sure we earn consistently. I had to keep working.

What were the hardest challenges in starting your QNET business?

Time was an issue, but I started managing my time well. Before, I used to leave the office at 10 pm. To work on my business, I started leaving at seven o’clock, because I had meetings to attend after that – it’s all about priorities. I reduced my breaks during the daytime, which made me more efficient. The company noticed that, actually, they were going to give me another promotion, and that’s when I left. There, giving a promotion means you have to handle more work, but not necessarily receive an equivalent increase, so, I said, “No.”

Was it really difficult to start this business while still doing your old job?

At that time, I didn’t feel that it was too hard. Whenever I look back, I thank God, always, for keeping me calm, sane, and focused towards the work. The most focused I’d ever been was my first 15 months when I wasn’t getting cheques. It was not easy otherwise. Many people don’t give up or stop doing the business, but they don’t focus enough, or they lose focus sometimes. They basically get into their own heads with doubts and fear. Their energy goes down, and then, automatically, their efficiency goes down.

The best part is that even when I wasn’t getting results in the first 15 months, I had passion. Not for one day, or even one minute, did I have the thought, “Why am I doing this?” I’d already realised there would be no future in what I was doing then, and so I got into QNET instead, completely excited to do it.

What made you continue with your QNET business?

At first, I joined QNET to change my life, but then I started to enjoy what I was doing. Today, this is not a business for me; it’s a way of life. Today, whatever I do, I do it effortlessly. Even if I make an effort, it happens effortlessly. For many people, it’s a lot of effort, but for me, this is just fun. It’s just like a hobby. If I remove this hobby from my life, it would be very boring. Even with the money, it would still be very boring.

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You’ve helped a lot of people and changed their lives. How do you feel about this?

I don’t see it that way, actually. I never started this by thinking, “I want to change people’s lives.” I wanted to change my life. When I changed my life and people saw that, they started believing, “If he can do it, then I can do it.” And because it was my passion, and I loved what I was doing, I was there with them. It was never one-sided; if I am so capable of ‘changing lives’, then I should be able to change everyone’s lives, but not everyone’s life changed. People who really wanted to, they did it. But yes, maybe, because I changed my life, that became a testament or a sign that it’s possible for them also if they walk the same path. So, my suggestion to people is please don’t change anyone’s life; change yours.

What changed in you after QNET?

A lot of things! I was the typical 97-percenter, middle class, small-town boy growing up. I was not exposed to the world; I was not exposed to a lot of things, including knowledge. After coming into the business, I was exposed to many things.

My geography was very bad before; why? Because I had to read it in a textbook. Now, my geography is very good; why? Because I go and explore the world. I used to suck at finance; why? Because I had no money to manage. Now, people come to me for suggestions on their finances as if I’m some guru, but I’m not; it’s just because I got the exposure. I kept doing things, and your experience makes you learn so many things. That’s when it comes to practical and worldly things; when it comes to the inner self, I always tell people that in this entire journey, it is not important what I got from it; what matters is what I become in the process.

What’s the next big thing for our IR favourite role model V Partner Sachin Gupta?

Because of the way I did it, I’m confident in building other businesses also, because the principles are the same – hard work, leading by example, keeping on learning, etc. All these apply to other things; if I can do it with one, then I can do it with others. That’s the reason why, today, I’ve become a venture capitalist. I took a stake in three or four companies already, wherein I’m not just an investor; I’m a director in those companies, and I contribute with my knowledge and understanding, but I don’t interfere with their day-to-day operations.

All of this is happening because of my QNET experience. I’m sure that the wisdom I’ve gotten from this experience is what’s made me capable of taking a couple of million dollars and turn it into hundreds more, in many other fields.

The next time you’re looking for some inspiration to fuel your QNET journey forward, look no further than the example of V Partner Sachin Gupta. We cannot wait to see what great heights V Partner Sachin Gupta achieves next!


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