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Top Lessons From Chief On Direct Selling During Covid-19

direct selling during covid-19 Chief Pathman Senathirajah

If you’re looking for advice on direct selling during Covid-19 lockdown, our beloved Chief Pathman Senathirajah is definitely the perfect go-to person. Apart from doling out much-needed cheer during these uncertain times, and even cooking lessons, Chief is currently doing an inspiring Instagram Live sessions every Sunday. Chief Pathman’s talks are ripe with tips on direct selling during Dovid-19, with some key tasks to keep practising, topped up with Chief’s signature sense of humour.

In case you missed it, here are Chief Pathman’s most important lessons on Direct Selling during Covid-19, building a team, and reaching your goals!

1. Don’t Let This Lockdown Become Your New Comfort Zone

Now that we are all several weeks into the lockdown, it’s easy for this unusual situation to become our new normal. Chief encourages us to maintain the same level of excitement that we had in the beginning of the lockdown when it was something new to overcome. He says that while it’s important to adapt and accommodate to new situations, it’s important not to get too comfortable but instead to keep challenging ourselves. “Nothing should change in your passion, your commitment, and your duties.”

2. Develop The Right Direct-Selling Attitude

Chief insists that instead of viewing this period as a holiday or a break, we should remember that NOW is the best time to thrive in direct selling. He says that we need to remember that this is our livelihood, and there is no excuse for not taking our business to the next level during this time. “We need to make a conscious decision to keep going during this time.”


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3. Don’t Be A Floater

If you’re tempted to relax during this time, to not make any big decisions, and to wait to see what happens, you’re missing out on your potential. Chief calls these kinds of people “Floaters”, and pushes us to not develop this mentality. He says to embrace this new reality, and not wait for life to go back to “normal” to achieve our goals. “The danger of your business slowing down, and of not pushing yourself right now is that you lose momentum. And when you lose it, it’s very difficult to get it back.”

4. Embrace The Truth

Chief highlights our hesitation to embrace the truth of the coronavirus pandemic situation – which is that things may never go back to normal or even if it does, we may be in this lockdown/social distancing reality for a long time to come, maybe even till the end of the year. He urges us to snap out of it, and to embrace this situation as our new reality, that this could be the face of every day. We are the CEOs of our tracking centres, making us business owners and not just employees. The business has to keep running; Presentación’s need to keep happening; sales must keep coming in; sales points must go up, as must commissions. Nothing must slow down.

5. Audit Your Organisation

Taking an audit is simply taking stock of the status of your organisation. It is an evaluation of where you are right now, and using that information to decide what steps you need to take in order to reach your destination – which is to reach your maximum success. Don’t settle for anything less. The first step is to check yourself and see if you’re doing okay, if you’re switched on, and if you’re decided to do this no matter what. The next step is to look at your tracking centre and see the trend of your income, and make adjustments accordingly.

6. Focus On The People Who Are Consistent

Identify the potential leaders within your network, and make sure they are doing Presentación. If they can commit to doing Presentación, and to reach out to you once a week with a progress report, that is a reflection on your leadership skills. Don’t just lead by example, build leaders within your own team so you can support each other and build each other up. Talk to them regularly. They are your inner circle. Direct selling during Covid-19 shouldn’t be any different to direct selling at any other time.


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