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5 Ways To Protect Kids From Coronavirus

Protect Kids From Coronavirus QNET Products

We can’t help but want to protect kids from coronavirus considering how this pandemic has turned the world upside down so fast. Our families, like everyone else worldwide, are struggling to adjust. Here are five ways you can protect your kids from coronavirus, and keep them safe.

1. Explain What Is Happening

Imagine how frustrating it is to either have boundless energy or never-ending angst but not having the same outlets of release. Our kids’ worlds were also changed almost overnight. They’re no longer allowed to see friends, play outdoors, or even go to school.

Make your children aware of how serious the situation is and why it is important to stay clean and healthy. Be factual but use language that suitable for their age group so that they’d fully understand.

2. Keep Your Home Clean 

With everyone staying at home, the possibility of your house accumulating dirt and dust has become even higher. Develop the habit of checking that everything is cleaned regularly, even the air you breathe indoors. If you have a child who has asthma or other respiratory illnesses, it is essential to have an air purifier, like AirPure Zayn, which is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

To make things easier, turn cleaning the house into a family project! Let the kids wipe surfaces, doorknobs and other objects at home that they frequently use with disinfectant, and think of a nice prize they can win at the end of it.

3. Take Care Of Your Hygiene And Clean Water Needs

Experts have pointed out that in flattening the curve, it is vital to have clean water. The virus can live on plastic for days, so instead of having plastic gallons of water, invest in water filters, like HomePure Nova. HomePure Nova is a reliable, high-quality water filter that has been tested and certified by NSF and WQA. Encourage the children to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and to always stay hydrated.

It is also important to make sure your family maintains proper hygiene. Protect kids from coronavirus by making sure the kids take daily baths with soap. Remind them to brush their teeth using non-fluoridated toothpaste-like ProSpark. Check that they keep their hands clean regularly with sanitizers or colloidal silver gels like BioSilver 22 Gel.

4. Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Maintain a balanced diet for the family by preparing healthy meals and snacks even when there’s a huge temptation to grab a pint of ice-cream or a packet of chips. Make sure that the family eats on time.

Boosting our immunity is important to make sure that we can battle not just this virus, but any other illnesses. Let the children take vitamins and supplements like EDG3 Junior, which is made from a US-patented amino acid blend, consists of the key nutrients for the body to naturally

5. Take Care Of Yourself

We’ve said earlier how our kids need responsible individuals they can rely on. As primary caretakers of the family, it is also important to safeguard our health. So, take natural supplements like Ole to protect your immune system. Olive leaf extract is widely considered as the ultimate natural defender of the immune system as it contains phenolics (oleuropein), alleviating symptoms of cold, flu, and common cough. Protect kids from coronavirus by practising what you preach. This is the most effective way to get kids to follow your example.

Our days are filled with uncertainty for now. But if we do our part, and educate others on how they can do theirs, we will get through this. Here’s to the health and safety of you and your family!


Improving Your Immunity Is The Best Defence Against Coronavirus

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