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A Glimpse At QNET’s COVID-19 Relief Projects Worldwide

QNETCOVID ReliefProjects

QNET’s COVID-19 Relief Projects have risen from the need to practice RYTHM at a time when the world is reeling from the devastating consequences of the Coronavirus global pandemic. Aiming to reach the most affected people in the areas that QNET is active in, these COVID-19 relief projects are designed to help ease the burden the global lockdown has caused. Here’s a glimpse of all of the QNET CSR activities we’ve conducted so far.

QNET Provides Food To Families In Need

One of our many ongoing COVID-19 relief projects is food distribution in some of our most vulnerable communities in countries where QNET is present.


Through the “Coffate El Khir” initiative conducted in Algeria, QNET provided 130 food boxes to families in need. We joined forces with Ness El Khir, a group of young volunteers engaged in humanitarian projects, to distribute the food boxes to villages most affected by the Coronavirus lockdown.


QNET’s HomePure helped with the relief project of Misr El Khair Foundation in Egypt to help daily-wage workers and underprivileged families affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. HomePure helped through the sponsorship and distribution of boxes containing groceries, disinfectants, and sterilisation products to those in need.


We continued with our COVID-19 relief projects in Morocco through a generous donation to Ana Maak, a non-profit that works by distributing food checks to workers who can no longer support their families due to the loss of jobs and the bad economic situation caused by coronavirus.


In Moscow, QNET in partnership with the “Union of Volunteer organizations” provided 250 food kits that not only included essential groceries but also disinfectants, masks and gloves to the elderly, homeless, low-income families, and families with disabled children.

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In Almaty in Kazakhstan, 50 food packages were provided to young mothers in need from the Social Center “Bakytty Otbasy”. These young mothers didn’t have the chance to file for government support before the quarantine was called, and so were left without any support. With the help of the administration of Almaty, we were able to make this one of our COVID-19 relief projects.

QNET Provides Essential Medical Supplies To Frontline Workers

No COVID-19 relief project is complete without supporting our frontline workers who sacrifice their time, effort, and safety to help us get through this pandemic. As they selflessly put in countless hours to ensure everyone admitted recovers from the coronavirus, this is our QNET way of saying thank you.


By donating raw materials for the manufacture of nearly 20,000 sterilised masks, QNET with the help of Ness El Khir is helping hospitals and health services protect themselves as they battle this disease. Among the beneficiaries are also national security personnel and cleaning agents working tirelessly to keep the towns clean.


As part of its commitment to support the crucial efforts of Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the UAE in its fight against the pandemic, QNET provided supplies including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),  oxygen masks, latex gloves, disposable shoe covers, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitiser aerosol sprays to help address the increased need for medical supplies.

The Covid-19 relief project also included the donation of AirPure Zayn air purifier which, with its 5-stage air purification system, will help sterilise and purify the air in spaces where key healthcare workers and front-line staff work.


QNET has also donated several HomePure Nova water purification units to the Ibn Rochd University and the Moulay Youssef hospitals in Casablanca. These have been donated for the benefit of doctors and patients at these centres who are fighting every day to flatten the Coronavirus curve.

While the relief and rehabilitation efforts in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic will remain ongoing, we thought that it is important to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind in any way you can, even if it means cheering us on from the safety of your homes. Don’t forget to do your bit in your own community if possible. After all, it takes a village to overcome difficult times.


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