Sunday, May 22, 2022

5 Helpful Tips When Talking About Coronavirus With Your Kids

Talking about Coronavirus with your kids is not easy but one of the most important things to do. In a time such as this, remember that you’re not the only one who feels anxiety, stress and sadness. Your children also need to feel safe. Here are a few tips to help you when talking about Coronavirus with your kids.

Start Simple

Since the topic is hard enough to navigate as it is, even with grown-ups, begin with the most basic of facts while talking about Coronavirus with your children. Use this as a foundation of sorts, and add information on as you go along. Take note that too much information might be overwhelming, so watch their reactions. Choose which knowledge to share and which ones to save for another day.

Use Their Language

A 5-year-old will just be confused if you speak to them like a teenager. On the other hand, a middle schooler will be bored and offended if you speak to it like a toddler. Talk to them about Coronavirus by using language that is appropriate for their age-group, and that makes sense to their contexts. The last thing you want is to make them feel even more confused.

Let Them Ask Questions

Do not let any questions your children have about COVID-19 go unanswered. Letting them ask you questions makes them feel like you are truly listening to them, and are aware of their needs. For questions you don’t know the answer to, try researching with them, too! It not only provides you with the opportunity to bond, but also gives you the chance to teach them how to verify online resources correctly, and use the Internet responsibly.

Encourage Kindness

Understanding what is happening is one thing. Understanding the impact this has on our society is another. When talking about Coronavirus with your kids, avoid language that sounds like blaming. Explain that viruses can make anyone sick, no matter their race or ethnicity. Emphasise that staying at home affects not only our lives but those of our frontline workers too. Talk about how the health workers, scientists, volunteers and many others are doing their jobs, and so we should too.

Walk The Talk

Fighting COVID-19 goes beyond talking about Coronavirus with your kids. It also means setting an example. Build awareness by constantly talking about the importance of proper hygiene while brushing your teeth with ProSpark, and sanitising your hands with BioSilver. Talk about clean water while drinking glasses and glasses of it from your HomePure Nova. Discuss the role of your immune system while taking your EDG3 and EDG3 Junior supplements. Introduce the kids to the products that let you maintain cleanliness, such as AirPure Zayn, while making sure the house is in order.

Keep your family safe by keeping yourself safe in the time of the pandemic. Be informed so you can educate your family. Be healthy so you can take care of them, too!


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