Sunday, May 22, 2022

8 Fun Social Distancing Activities For You And Your Family

There are a lot of social distancing activities you can do, contrary to popular belief. Watching Netflix, playing video games, even celebrating events from home — these are things you and the family might enjoy. But this is also the perfect time to do things that maybe you haven’t tried as a family before.

Here’s a list of fun and unique social distancing activities for you and your family:

Solve A Complicated Jigsaw Puzzle

You’d be surprised by how invested the family will be once you get into it. Choose a design that everyone will love, like a place you’ve visited as a family or one you’d visit post-quarantine.

Make Chalk Art

Get coloured chalk out, head to your backyard, and let the creativity flow. Let the younger kids go crazy with colour. Let your teens snap photos and post them on their socials with #ChalkYourWalk. Don’t forget to wash your hands and use BioSilver after making your masterpieces!

Make A Family Time Capsule

This is one of the social distancing activities that will last beyond the quarantine. Make a capsule that would mark this significant part of your lives. Write letters, draw illustrations and collect mementoes from your time in quarantine as a family.

Have A Pizza Dinner

More than bonding as a family during the pandemic, here’s the chance for the kids to express their individuality. When making pizzas, let the children choose their toppings and learn more about their likes and dislikes in the process. Supplement these meals with vitamins—like EDG3 and Ole for you and EDG3 Junior for the kids—to ensure your family’s health.

Learn How to Code

Here’s one of the more interesting and challenging social distancing activities. Knowing how to code is becoming more and more necessary in today’s time. Take this opportunity to equip the entire family with this new skill. It will surely be useful to everyone in the future.

Have A Board Game Tournament

Divide the family into teams, come up with a team name, and go through various board games over a weekend. From one-on-ones to team games, the entire activity will surely remind everyone of fun and teamwork amidst the healthy competition.

Start Your Own Cafe at Home

Teach yourself and the rest of the family how to make coffee and other cool beverages. Take note of the proper way to prep drinks, like by using the right proportions and using clean water from a reliable source, like HomePure Nova. You can even work on baking simple pastries and decorating a part of the house to look like a small cafe!

Have An Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Just because you need to stay inside doesn’t mean you can’t have more locomotive activities. An indoor scavenger hunt lets participants exercise their physique through its fast pace. It also lets them exercise their brains through the little details in the activity. Make sure that the air everyone huffs and puffs is clean by using an air purifier, like AirPure Zayn.

There are many social distancing activities that can help in staying active and productive. Just take note of your family’s interests to identify the best activities for everyone!


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