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Hear All About Chief’s ACT 48 Secret Formula For Success In QNET

Success In QNET Chief Pathman Insta Live

Success in QNET and in direct selling, in general, is measured weekly because that’s how the business and the industry is designed. In this edition of Chief’s Instagram Live series, our incredible Pathman Senathirajah takes you back to the basics, and talks about his secret for success in QNET – ACT 48!

Here’s what he had to say on The V Chief Official Instagram Page.

Keep Things Simple

It is human nature to take the simplest of things and complicate it. However, according to Chief, the beauty and brilliance of QNET is its simplicity. When he first heard about the QNET Compensation Plan, he fell in love with it because it was so simple. He thought it was unbelievable! He didn’t need a PowerPoint presentation to explain the structure. He could use a tissue paper. He could present the QNET plan to anyone – in an aeroplane, in a coffee shop, face to face, or even waiting in the airport lounge. And he was able to do that because he was also able to keep it simple. His philosophy is “Keep it simple. Keep it real!”

Chief’s Guide To Keeping It Simple

Your prospect doesn’t need to have a PHD in direct selling to find success in QNET. All you need to do is give them foundational information – important info about the company, the product, the plan, and the projection the potential income they will earn. There are only two things people want to know about in the beginning– the legitimacy of the company and proof that they can be financially free in QNET. Once they see the cheques in their hands, you can then get into the nitty-gritty of it all like Achievers’ Club, rank advancement etc.

Remember That YOU Are The Product

When you sign up people for the first time, people care more about who you are as a person than about your pitch. YOU are the product – not QNET, not the industry, not the Compensation Plan, and not even the potential income. Therefore, when you do your Presentacion, they are saying yes to you. And that can only happen if they have faith in you, they believe in you, and they trust that you can help them max out. Focus on trying to be that person for your downlines. Be the product of your product.

The 8 Building Blocks For Success In QNET

If you have been to a #VCON or are a regular listener to Chief’s Wednesday messages, then you are no stranger to his 8 building blocks of success. In this Insta Live session, Chief spoke of the first three fundamental building blocks – dream, commitment, and lists.

  • Dream

It is important to reignite and remember the dreams that you had for your life. It is a well-known fact that the most successful QNET IRs are the dreamers – the ones who are aware of their dreams, and never stop in their pursuit of them. It’s the one thing that connects all our VPs, AVPs, Rank Advancement Stars.

  • Commitment

You can’t sing kumbaya for 6 days and do Presentacion for just one day. You need to be so committed to your goals that it’s in your blood. The first step to finding that success in QNET is in committing your efforts to make your business the best business you have worked on.

  • Lists

Your name list and your dream lists are like the architectural plans to your dream building. What’s on it determines how beautiful your building is going to be. It is very important to write it down on a physical piece of paper and treasure it during your network marketing journey. Your dream list should be something that comes from your heart – it must have soul and it must be physically written down because it means you’re putting it out there in the universe. Even QNET Founders Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph ‘Japa’ Bismark, and Chief still have their name and dream lists with them. It’s how you become financially free – by dreaming big and making no excuses. If you don’t have one, make one right now!

ACT 48

ACT 48 is the secret formula that helped Chief achieve the success that he has in QNET. When he first started, he told his downlines that they needed to activate their tracking centres within 48 hours. It is as simple as that. That’s how you build a legacy that can be passed on to the next generation. Look at your hot zone list and find people who would never say no to you, and start there. While direct selling is an unknown science that no one has perfected yet, ACT 48 is a simple mantra to help you find success in QNET – all you have to do is activate your tracking centres within 48 hours. And get them to activate theirs. Make ACT 48 the new normal. It should be a part of the QNET journey that everyone does automatically.

There are so many ingredients that contribute to your success in QNET – from your personal commitment, your tenacity, your warriorship, your ability to overcome challenges every single day while you’re building this business, your attitude of no excuses, your ability to sign up people purely with your passion. And it all starts with ACT 48. So whether you’re new to QNET or a seasoned pro, take the ACT 48 challenge, and get your two sales done within 48 hours. What are you waiting for? You can do it!




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