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Chief Says Consistency Is The Key To Success In Direct Selling

Chief Insta Live Success In Direct Selling

Success in direct selling is purely down to consistency if the success our IRs have found during lockdown is anything to go by. In this Chief’s Instagram Live episode, Chief excitedly announces that he’s seen proof of how hard our IRs are working, and urges us to continue with the same momentum as lockdown eases worldwide, and things are getting back to normal.

QNET IRs Are Smashing Records!

Chief started off this Insta Live session by talking about how you, our QNET IRs have been the epitome of success in direct selling during this lockdown. If the number of success stories is anything to go by, you have worked harder than you ever have before – and this means bigger cheques, steeper rank advancements, and a record number of successes!

The Secret To Our IRs Level Of Focus

Chief says this level of intensity and focus is down to an amazing paradigm shift in the way you, our IRs, are thinking. Thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic and its consequences, IRs worldwide have been in lockdown in their homes with no external obligations. This means that the sole focus has been the QNET Business. Your normal distractions were gone – traffic jams, part time jobs, negative news on Google. Even your prospects were easier to snag because they also had no external reasons to not listen to your Presentacion. The results have been unbelievable!

“The greatest danger is not what the downlines are going to do. The greatest danger is what the uplines do. If the uplines lose focus or their momentum, it trickles down to the whole organisation. You as the upline, networker, have to retain the intensity even higher than before quarantine.”

– Chief Pathman Senathirajah

Carry That Momentum Forward

As Chief thought of cancelling an Instagram Live session due to Eid, he was struck with the thought that it would be a break in his consistency, which he didn’t want. In the same way, as nations around the world ease lockdowns, we need to keep in mind this intensity and passion that we have channelled into our direct selling journey these past 8 weeks. Celebrate your new freedom, but don’t let the momentum decline. As our social lives slowly return, let’s make a conscious decision to make this level of productivity our new normal.

The Solution Is YOU

Chief reminded us of how during the five days of V-Con, our sole focus is QNET. We had zero distractions, we were completely focused, we were switched on, and we absorbed every word even if it meant we went to sleep at 2 am and woke up at 5 am. The lockdown has turned out to be similar, and a lot of our IRs have ended up maxing out in just 3 months. Chief encourages us to develop a mindset as if V-Con was every day. And just as we adapted, adjusted and accommodated to this lockdown, we are fully capable of keeping the momentum going. All we have to do is pledge to keep our focus and make this our new normal even as lockdown restrictions ease. Sustain and maintain the intensity.

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What Can I Do To Keep The Momentum?

Here’s what you can do to keep killing it and find success in direct selling:

  • Make sure nothing changes. If you have a system that works, keep it going. Don’t slow down.
  • You should be your own benchmark. Consistency is the key.
  • Reliability is what makes a great upline. Always being there for your downlines – it’s what sets you apart from the rest of the network marketing companies out there.
  • Be fanatical about your weekly TATs.

Success in direct selling can be had if you transfer QNET’s DNA to your downlines and create leaders that will never walk away. The true essence of sustaining your business long term is loyalty.

Take this time to congratulate yourself and celebrate your successes in this difficult period. They are extraordinary! You’ve not built teams, you’ve built a family, and that is simply fantastic. While the world was suffering, you’ve managed to continue to earn! Don’t forget to maintain your intensity and keep going! Success is within your reach!

You can view the full Insta Live session here:



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