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Simple And Effective Ways Direct Sellers Can Celebrate Social Media Day

social media day for direct sellers

Today is Social Media Day, a great occasion to celebrate the platform that brings us together every day as one QNET family even when we are geographically apart. This year especially, QNET social media has been the perfect tool to help us keep in touch with each other during the unprecedented Covid-19 global situation. As we perfect the art of working remotely and digitally, here are some simple and effective ways you can #celebrate Social Media Day.

Spend Some Time On Your Social Media Profile

It goes without saying that social media is an effective marketing tool for direct sellers. However, most of us just use it to post personal photos, and don’t really think twice about content. This Social Media Day, spend some time working on your profiles and reap some of the overlooked benefits of social media like these.

  1. You Can Uncover Trends In Real-Time

I’m sure you’ve already realised that social media is a goldmine for uncovering industry trends as it happens. You can see unfiltered real-time conversations, and can find out what regular people feel passionate about. It’s the perfect platform to find out how small businesses respond to public need, and see what influencers are using to find success. That will, in turn, help you figure out how to turn social media into another arm of your QNET business. If all else fails, you can start by piggybacking on popular hashtags till you figure out what your message is.

  1. You Can Post So Much Varied Content

Posting success stories, showcasing throwback photos to show just how far you’ve come as a direct seller is a great way to keep your social media accounts more multi-purpose. It helps you have meaningful interactions with people worldwide who have mutual interests. And all of this is possible with just one photo, a few well-placed hashtags, and the touch of a button. It is not only user-friendly and quick, but it’s also so easy.

Of course, what’s direct selling without product sales? Share the QNET products you love on social media, post photos of you using the products and write about why you love the products. Engage with those who react and engage with your product social media posts – they are your sales leads. Remember to be strategic and not pushy though.

  1. You Can Reach Out To The Younger Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Reaching out to younger and social-savvy people is easier through social media. They aren’t tuned into to traditional advertising and face-to-face Presentacion as keenly as they are to social media. As Millennial and Gen Z entrepreneurs are growing up alongside social media, it only makes sense to adapt our message to reach out to them. According to recent social media demographics, a vast majority of Instagram users are under the age of 30. If you’re looking for a new market, this is it.

  1. You Can Be Community Focussed

You have so much scope to be individual and community focussed through your social media profile. It’s possible to create a real connection with your followers, and even collaborate with other direct sellers. One can even find prospects on social media, answer their questions quickly and in real-time, and talk to people globally about QNET’s products and services. Social Media allows you to be the kind of leader who is available to their downlines quicker, providing timely responses and nurturing respect and appreciation for you and your business. No other platform will give you that kind of reach.

Follow QNET And QNET VIPS On Social Media

To be up-to-date on the latest network marketing and QNET related news, QNET’s social media is your best channel. Find out what’s going on with QNET. Learn about new product releases, and the application of existing products and services. Keep in touch with Manchester Football City Club and learn about the latest news from our sports sponsorships. Feel part of the QNET projects by keeping a tab of our RYTHM projects, and so much more. Click now to subscribe to our official social media accounts.

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If you’re looking for inspiration, advice on direct selling or even just to keep in touch with QNET VIPs and our Founders, these are great channels to follow.

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To be a product of your product, make sure you follow your favourite products on social media so you are on track with the latest updates, applications, benefits and so much more.

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Whether you spend today re-invigorating your profiles or following your heroes on social media, celebrate Social Media Day by spreading positivity and good vibes. Understand just how powerful a tool it is for direct selling success. And just because you are amazing, lovely and talented IRs, share a photo of yourselves so we can celebrate your brilliance together!


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