Chief Insta Live Building Blocks Of Direct Selling

Chief Pathman’s 8 Building Blocks Of Direct Selling is the best guide to finding success in QNET as our IRs can testify. In this Chief’s Insta Live session, Chief boils down success in QNET to two of the most important and fundamental foundational building blocks of direct selling. Read on to find out what they are, why we need to spend some quality time building them, and how we can find success with their help.

General Advice On The Building Blocks Of Direct Selling

  1. Do not just send Chief’s video on the 8 building blocks to your downlines and prospects, and expect them to learn from it themselves. You need to set aside some time with them so you can go through them with your downlines. You need to have an open discussion about it, and answer any questions that may arise. Spending quality time on it instead of rushing past it will help you build a solid foundation for your success in direct selling and in QNET.
  2. If you have not heard about the 8 Building Blocks of Direct Selling and QNET, ask your uplines about it immediately. It is the most basic guide to finding success in QNET and doing your business the right way.

Foundational Building Block #1: Commitment, Commitment, Commitment

Commitment is the second building block in the 8 Building Blocks of success, and perhaps the most important while building a strong foundation in direct selling. It’s the most common word to be followed by phobia where you strongly believe that commitment destroys your freedom somehow. You end up with the mentality that you are sacrificing your life and freedom. This cannot be further from the truth.

The biggest obstacle in direct selling is that even though you love QNET, you want success, you understand the power of direct selling, you know that this is the future of business – you don’t want to commit. Your dream can’t become a reality without commitment. Remember also that you cannot ask for commitment if you do not show commitment. You cannot ask for 7 days a week if you yourself don’t practice what you preach. You need to lead by example and walk your talk.

Commitment is all about making a decision and sticking with it. It is a promise to never give up, no matter the challenges. It is the backbone to any successful business, and it is all about consistency. Financial freedom is the result of true commitment you give. Pay the price now so you can reap the benefits long term.


Chief Says Consistency Is The Key To Success In Direct Selling

Chief’s Advice On Building Commitment

  1. Don’t be afraid to define commitment and demand it from your downlines. Set your expectations on how much you and your downline can realistically give to the business so you can achieve the dreams you want to achieve. While direct selling is flexible, commitment is dependent on the size of your dreams. If your dreams are big, your commitment should match it.
  2. Have a heart-to-heart and be real with your downlines. Don’t tell them they can achieve success by just committing one hour a day towards their business. Tell them about the hard challenges they may face and how to overcome them. Tell them the truth about time, patience, hard work and commitment.
  3. Just as Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran, Japa Bismark and Chief are committed to your success, let your downlines see that you are committed to them and their successes as well. As dedicated as you are to your own success, raise the bar higher and let your downlines see your level of commitment to them and to yourself.
  4. When you realise that you can do much more, don’t ignore it. Make a commitment to do much more. Practice what you preach.
  5. Follow through on your personal commitments and that of your downlines. If they have committed to doing Presentacion 4 days a week, hold them to it.

Foundational Building Block #2: Name And Dream Lists

This is an underestimated foundational block, and the third building block in Chief’s 8 building blocks of direct selling list. Some people dismiss it as simple and basic, but it is the most important starting point of your direct selling journey. A lot of IRs are non-committal about their lists. They show their phone contacts as their name list, and mutter vaguely about their dreams. However, it is very important to write this list down.

Chief’s Advice On Creating Lists

  1. Take time to think about who you think belongs on your name list, and write it down on a physical piece of paper that you will cherish forever. Lists on your notes app on your phone only go so far. Your name list should be more than just your phone contacts, and your dream list should be more than just in your head.
  2. Your lists are your fundamental reference point and must be written from your heart. Have a physical copy of your dream list, and upgrade it as soon as you have new dreams. Attach it to the old list so you never forget where you started and where you could go if you keep at it. Don’t forget that dreaming bigger is part of your QNET journey.
  3. Do the same with your downlines. Engage with your downlines, and do it with them. Statistics say that the average circle of influence of a human being is 200. Make sure you have a minimum of 150 people on that list, and upgrade it by 10% every month.
  4. Don’t make excuses for why someone doesn’t belong on your list. Whatever excuses you give for not putting someone on your list, get rid of them. If you think someone doesn’t belong on your list because they are rich, ignore your doubts and put them on your list. If they are rich, they will want to be richer. If you think someone is annoying, it doesn’t matter, put them on your list as well.
  5. Divide your name list into three categories – hot, warm and cold. And do Presentacion to people from every category. Chief and Dato still add people to their lists every day (even if you put them under the cold category) because they want to be the uplines you can imitate.
  6. Audit your list regularly. Even if someone rejected you two years ago, in this economy, they are likely to say yes. They are now renewed prospects. This is where you paper list comes in handy cause you have written down their names, therefore, it is easier to follow up.

You can watch the full Instagram Live video below.


Chief Breaks Down The Essence Of Direct Selling With QNET