Saturday, May 21, 2022

QNET In Kazakhstan Donates Air And Water Filters To City Hospital

QNET in Kazakhstan channelled its inner call to RYTHM in bid to help out during these Covid-19 times. As part of our promise to give back to the communities we work in, QNET in Kazakhstan donated air and water filters to the Children’s Infectious Diseases Department of the Nur-Sultan Multidisciplinary City Hospital #3. Director of the International Consulting Bureau Albina Zhasybekova, the official representative of QNET in Kazakhstan, handed over the HomePure Nova and AirPure Zayn to hospital representatives.

The HomePure Nova is a state-of-the-art water filter with 9 stages of filtration, and is certified by the National Science Foundation of the USA and has a myriad of certifications for the removal of bacteria and viruses from drinking water. AirPure Zayn is an air filter by QNET that removes 99.8% of viruses, bacteria and allergens from the air. Both these donations are perfect for a children’s wing of a hospital, proving an extra layer of protection for all the patients who come in for treatment at the facility. It plays an even more important role during this global coronavirus pandemic we are facing, and we hope that the hospital finds it useful for years to come.

QNET In Kazakhstan Covid Relief Projects 2

“I am proud that QNET continues to care for doctors during this challenging time. Clean water and air are very important for both doctors and patients. I believe that QNET AirPure and HomePure filters will help the hospital quickly cope with the spread of dangerous infections. Happy to be a part of QNET,” said QNET Independent Representative Altyn.

This donation to the City Hospital in Kazakhstan is one of the many ways in which we have helped during the pandemic, with other projects in Hong Kong, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Dubai. QNET in Kazakhstan strives to make a positive difference through social and charitable projects it conducts throughout the year. Any opportunity to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind is an opportunity we as one QNET Family will take. We cannot wait for more opportunities to help in any way we can.


A Glimpse At QNET’s COVID-19 Relief Projects Worldwide

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  1. QNET is the best so am proud to do it more and more.Congratulations to my mentor and the V family


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