Wednesday, July 6, 2022

QNET In Malaysia Practices RYTHM Through Blood Donation Drive

QNET in Malaysia channelled the RYTHM call to Raise Yourself To Help Mankind by participating in a Blood Donation Drive over the weekend. The drive was themed “Save Lives – Donate Now”, and was organised in collaboration with the National Blood Centre in Malaysia. The drive was a massive success and attracted over 260 donors who steadily poured in throughout the day.

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The Blood Donation Drive is now in its fifth year and is organised in conjunction with RYTHM Foundation, the cornerstone of all our charitable projects globally. RYTHM Foundation invests in the communities in which it operates, through strategic partnerships, employee volunteering and community service.

 “We are pleased with the response from both our employees and members of the public. We have been organising this programme for the past five years. But this particular drive, which is the second to be organized this year after our earlier one in March, was indeed very heartwarming and rewarding to see people taking this seriously,” noted Head of RYTHM Foundation Santhi Periasamy.

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A blood donation drive is seen as more crucial than ever because of the unprecedented medical crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  We answered the call of the National Blood Centre in Malaysia to donate blood as the country’s blood bank stock was down by 40%. In spite of the lockdown, QNET worldwide, and especially QNET in Malaysia has wanted to keep practising RYTHM safely. With a flurry of charitable projects worldwide, we’ve managed to do just that, while ensuring the safety of all our staff and processes.

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“A single donation of blood can save three lives. It takes very little time and is a painless process. Every day, blood donors help patients of all ages have a second chance at life. Our employees have been organising this drive for the last 5 years and each time the turnout has been encouraging. Our last blood donation drive was in March, just before the lockdown. No matter how much science advances, blood which is an essential element of humans, cannot be artificially created. That’s why blood donation is very valuable, especially during this on-going pandemic,” said Boey Kho, CEO of QNET’s parent company QI Malaysia.

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Jumping at a chance to help give back to society in whatever way it can, QNET in Malaysia has managed to organise RYTHM activities despite pandemics while ensuring all safety measures are in place. The staff and volunteers alike are a testament to how charitable activities need to be a mainstay in our day to day life. We applaud everyone who came out in droves to help with such an important cause.


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