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Yerzhan And Mensulu Oshabaev Talk About Finding Success In QNET As A Couple


Yerzhan and Mensulu Oshabaev are role-models for couples who are trying to find success in direct selling and in QNET, together. Their QNET journey began when they decided to quit their full-time jobs and follow their passions instead. Yerzhan and Mensulu Oshabaev found the tediousness and the monotony of their work routine very uninteresting and exhausting. Luckily, they came across QNET at a crucial time in their lives. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Story Of An Electrician And A Cashier

Yerzhan worked as an electrician in a factory in Kazakhstan, and Mensulu worked as a cashier and a sales clerk in a retail store. As husband and wife, their day-to-day was exhausting. They had to wake up really early in the morning and only had time to rest on the weekends which went by too quickly. Yerzhan and Mensulu Oshabaev had to put their dreams on hold but were constantly aware of how they were not living the life they dreamed about. In their quest to get out of that rut, they kept an eye out for new and unique opportunities for financial freedom, and they found QNET. Five years later, the couple are regarded as huge successes in QNET in Kazakhstan, and their dreams are now bigger than ever as they know they can achieve it through QNET.

Supporting Each Other As Husband And Wife

While Yerzhan directed all his forces to build a strong team, which he managed to do in just four months, Mensulu spent a lot of time thinking about how she could support her mother and sisters, and what her own dreams for herself were. She realised then that being a cashier would never help her achieve a happy and carefree life. And so, she joined her husband’s team and then joined forces with him to create a plan for success.

Their Favourite QNET Products

Yerzhan is a massive fan of the luxurious Swiss watch brand Bernhard H. Mayer®. He finds that they really compliment his attitude and status perfectly. Mensulu adores the gorgeous Bernhard H. Mayer®. jewellery collections, feeling they emphasise her beauty and elegance, while also showing off her status as a power woman! As a couple, they often took advantage of QVI’s tripsavr which allowed them a myriad of travel opportunities to some of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Yerzhan and Mensulu Oshabaev’s New Life In QNET

Joining QNET changed their life in the ways that they had wanted to for so long. For one thing, they got to make their own schedules. They are now also in a great place to take care of their family, their relatives and their friends. They can now pay special attention to building a strong team of direct selling professionals. They are masters of their own life and time, enabling them to be truly happy. Their common life-purpose and journey in QNET have made them a power-couple, strengthening their union and teaching them about mutual understanding.

We wish Yerzhan and Mensulu Oshabaev continued success in their direct selling journey in QNET and in their personal lives as well. We cannot wait to see what their next achievements will be so we can celebrate them together.


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