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Midhulaj Paramba On Balancing Financial Responsibilities And Direct Selling

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Talking about finding a balance between family financial responsibilities and direct selling, here is Platinum Star Midhulaj Paramba’s follow up to his amazing interview about achieving Platinum Star status during Coronavirus pandemic. Responding to a comment on his interview, Midhulaj answers questions about managing current financial responsibilities and direct selling, the importance of faith and belief, and taking action on your dreams.

Being The Bread Winner Of The Family

Despite being the breadwinner of the family, Midhulaj took a leap of faith on QNET, and his trust paid off. “I never started QNET to buy rice and sugar for my family, even though I was the only source of income for my entire lower middle-class family. So, I never started my direct selling journey as a solution to my then lifestyle. But I did hate that situation at that time.”

Family Financial Responsibility And Direct Selling

My lower-middle-class family were completely dependent on my income when I first started at QNET. I had to send money home every month. Adding house rent on top of that meant all my income was spoken for. In trying to find the balance between managing family finances and finding success in QNET, people struggle because you can no longer see the big business potential of direct selling. We become so busy with running from breakfast to lunch to dinner, that we don’t see the prospect of an amazing future and wealth through QNET. To fulfil your duties towards your family, take up a job temporarily if you have to, but with an end date in mind. However, building your business at QNET should always be on the top of your mind.

Choosing Your Priorities

Make fulfilling your dreams and upgrading your lifestyle a top priority. Start ticking off your smaller dreams, and start upgrading your family’s lifestyle. Then it will help your mindset grow eventually. At that point in your life, you can say bye to your job and become an entrepreneur at QNET. However, this can only happen when you start ticking off your dreams. Your sugar and rice will come automatically by default as a side effect of achieving your dreams.

Advice For Fellow IRs With Family Responsibilities

The moment you start looking for alternate income by keeping QNET in one hand, then that is the biggest drop that indicates that your faith and belief is not 100% in this business. My upline V Partner Sachin always taught me that only your 100% faith and belief will help you to convert your dreams into actions, which in turn will convert into results eventually. He always says that 99% faith and belief is 100% doubt which will freeze your effort.



  1. Wow! The end of the sharing the platinum star Midhulaj is unbelievable! I realized that my belief is not hundred percent! So I have to tweak that to achieve my goals and dreams.
    Thank you QNET to allow us free access to these success stories on this website. We should pay for that!
    really thank you 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. Qnet products are the best products in the world. I like Qnet for their social activities, I, e, for RYTHEM. Raised yourself to help Mankind. In the Pendememic situation the growth is increasing rapidly for their best products.

  3. By the way, QNET is not listed under IDSA, WFDSA hence can’t be legally called a direct selling company or an authentic direct selling company. Kindly be a responsible journalist.
    Thank you

    • Hi Amit, QNET’s local offices are registered with the direct selling associations in that country. For a list of our specific industry memberships, please visit https://www.qnet.net/en/our_company/qnet_honour_roll/.


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