QNET Parent Company Wins HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia Award (2)

QNET Parent Company, QI Group in Hong Kong won big at the HR Asia Awards for the sixth year in a row as one of the Best Companies To Work For in Asia. We were recognised for our ability to find exceptional talent, to create an ethical and diverse workplace, to employ best practices without fail, to promote excellent employee engagement, to make a difference in the communities we work in, and to keep our standards at gold level year on year.

The award is given by HR Asia who are Asia’s most authoritative publication for HR professionals. After rigorous investigation of the best practices and inner workings of Asian companies, they figure out what makes certain companies stand out and be exceptional. QNET Parent Company, QI Group in Hong Kong  is one of a select handful of winners that hail from 12 markets across Asia.

At QNET, and in all of our offices, we are proud to create a work culture that is tight-knit, professional and yet like family. We are proud of how engaged our employees are in all our outreach endeavours, especially our RYTHM activities which are the lifeblood of our company.

The HR Asia Award for “Best Company To Work For” is a testament to how strongly we believe that our people are our most valuable assets. We show our dedication to our people through our specially tailored training programmes, the chances for professional and personal growth, and the familial atmosphere we build in our brick and mortar offices worldwide. Today, we can proudly say that our family is made up of over 50 nationalities worldwide, representing a wide range of cultures, age groups, genders, abilities, and religious expressions.

QNET Parent Company Wins HR Asia Best Companies To Work For In Asia Award (1)

Speaking about the award, QI Group Director Of Finance And Planning Cathy Zhou said, “There’s nothing like seeing our efforts in trying to create a nurturing work environment be recognised by such an authority such as HR Asia. It proves to the world that we value our people above and beyond everything else. To be recognised as one of the ‘Best Companies To Work For In Asia’ not once but six times shows just how passionately we feel about keeping our standards up year on year.”

“Everything we do, whether little or big, is in service of the people who come into work tirelessly day after day to help us meet our business goals. Be it by creating a diverse community that feels like family, providing job security and career growth opportunities or even creating a positive company culture, we recognise the importance of putting our people first. This award is a testament to that,” said QI Group Hong Kong HR Manager Boby Lam.

Winning the ‘Best Company To Work For In Asia’ award by HR Asia is a true feather in a cap, and to do six times in a row shows our unyielding passion to be the best company we can be. We are so proud to receive this award. The prize will take a place of honour in our office. Join us in congratulating QI Group in Hong Kong for their great achievement. Leave your cheers in the comments below!