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200,000 QNET IRs Attend First Ever Virtual V-Convention Connect

This year, we hosted a virtual V-Convention Connect as proof that nothing can stop us from being one QNET family, not even a global pandemic! Our first-ever online V-Convention had more than 200,000 attendees from 50 countries! What an achievement!

QNET Embraces The New Normal

Chief Looks At QNET Founders Behind The Scenes At V-Convention Connect 2020

Not to be deterred by Covid-19 while keeping our beloved IRs safe, QNET decided to take it’s V-Convention online. This meant that the bi-annual convention for direct sellers worldwide carried on virtually, without needing to be cancelled or postponed. The three-day #VCC2020 was a grand success and had a record number of attendees. It was also a brilliant way to mark 20 years of V-Conventions!

The First-Ever Virtual V-Convention Connect

Moving the well-loved V-Convention online was a stroke of genius. It meant that instead of having to miss out on such a massive, life-changing experience, QNET IRs were treated to an immersive and enriching experience from the safety of their homes. The three-day event included training programmes, inspirational talks, product launches, and network news from QNET. On top of all of this, QNET Achievers were recognised for their hard work and dedication, and success stories were shared with the wider audience.

“We are so excited to successfully provide this unprecedented access to our worldwide attendees from the comfort of their homes. The event was hosted on our own streaming platform called vtube which also provided simultaneous translations in 13 different languages. Our convention has always been a place for our global community to come together under one roof and learn more about the company, our products, and our business and to be inspired by the people they meet,” said QNET CEO Malou Caluza.


Talking about the first of its kind virtual V-Convention Connect, QNET CEO said, “While it was a challenge to replicate the energy of the physical event, we designed this three-day convention to motivate and educate our distributors and give them a rich digital experience they will not forget. I am thrilled to say that we managed to reach a much wider audience than ever before at a V-Convention! We are grateful to our network of distributors who have displayed exceptional resilience through this pandemic and have adapted so quickly to the new normal.”

Highlights Of V-Convention Connect 2020

1) A Must-Have Timepiece

A brand-new limited-edition luxury timepiece joined the QNETCity Collection as a celebration of the partnership between QNET and Manchester City Football Club. The Swiss watch is called 1894 and is obsidian blue, representing Manchester City’s team colours. The watch also features the Manchester City Football Club logo, and is named for the year of its establishment.

2) Premium Handcrafted Jewellery

Kinnari is the name of the premium handcrafted jewellery line designed exclusively for our IRs in India. It features a patented ‘CarbonLokd’ setting technology that helps achieve a floating gem effect.

3) Health And Wellness Products For You

We also teased a range of healthy supplements to help with weight management under a new-brand, Belite. Keep a lookout for its official launch on your eStore.

4) State Of The Art Skincare

Physio Radiance announced the new healthy-ageing skincare line you won’t want to miss out on. Keep your eyes peeled on your eStore for more news and updates on this range.

5) HomePure Welcomes A New Member

QNET expanded its Home and Living offerings through the HomePure brand by adding Zayn, the air purifier, to its range of products. What an exciting tag-team that will take care of your whole family.

6) Aspire Released Digitally

Everyone’s favourite magazine was given a makeover and was released in a completely digital format. All IRs could access it from the comfort of their homes, and read it in any device they have at hand.  Click to read the full QNET Aspire magazine.

7) Brand New Look, Feel, And User Experience Of The QNET.NET Website

Chief Pathman has announced the launch of the newly-refreshed QNET website boasting cool features such as clean, mobile-first design, easy navigation, rich content in multiple languages, and more!

Click to visit the new QNET website.

8) QNET Turned 22!

It was a birthday party like no other, with over 200K participants worldwide. We ushered in our 22nd anniversary in style by looking back at our major milestones and looking forward to all our goals for the future.

QNET Turns 22 in 2020 And Celebrates at V-Convention Connect Online


Were you one of our virtual V-Convention Connect attendees? What was your favourite part of the virtual event? What did you learn? What are you looking forward to in the coming year? Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear from you.


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