Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Microsoft Website Features Incredible QNET Digital Transformation

Microsoft’s website featured the incredible QNET Digital Transformation, praising the “lightspeed” transformation that has proven to have enhanced our customer experience. The QNET Digital Transformation sprung from our need to provide a seamless start-to-finish digital experience for our IRs. We were recognised for taking our customers’ online security seriously, for creating an eStore with reduced downtime, and for introducing new features and services. While most transformation exercises can take anywhere from five to ten years, QNET did it all in just one year. We were one of the first direct selling companies to go fully digital back in 1998. In 2020, we continue to be on the cutting edge in the industry.

The Enhancements In The QNET Digital Transformation

Without getting into technical jargon, we can proudly say that we have enhanced several online features to ensure that you, our IRs, get a seamless online experience while being protected every step of the way.

  • Reduced Downtime

QNET tried to respond to the growing IR population with new features and services without having to spend years and years in its development. However, we faced a lot of website crashes. We wanted to make sure our website was stable enough to withstand the web traffic from our massive IR reach without having glitches in the apps. Through this Microsoft transformation, we solved this problem.

  • Increased Cyber Security

The QNET Digital Transformation involves embedding security into every corner of our online presence because your security is at the ore of our existence. With the help of Microsoft Security Centre, we have received a security score that is 50 points above the average score for the e-commerce industry! Isn’t that amazing?

QNET Digital Transformation Article On Microsoft Website 2020

As QNET Chief Information Officer Ivan Woo says, “We’ve upskilled our people, improved our processes and delivered what not long ago seemed improbable at best. We are truly proud of this project and rest assured that we will continue to innovate to provide only the best to our customers.”

You can now click to read the full article about QNET’s lightspeed transformation on Microsoft’s website.

At QNET, you can always rest assured that we are secure, employing the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to ensure your online customer experience is smooth. We are constantly trying to improve our digital platforms and upgrading them regularly so that we only provide you with the very best.


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