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Why And How You Can #DoItRight With QNET

DoItRight With QNET

You can #DoItRight with QNET confidently because we are here during every step of your direct selling journey. We are here to help you build a successful business in the direct selling industry, to help you build a solid foundation in direct selling. QNET will provide you with all the tools you need to avoid shortcuts, to learn from the best in the business, to be a product of your product, and above everything else, to always #DoItRight.

Why Should I #DoItRight?

You will never give up and you will always do everything in your power to be transparent, ethical and professional. It means you understand that you can’t earn anything if you do not put in the hard work. You take the pledge to #DoItRight even if it means it may take you a bit longer to reap the benefits of what you are sowing. The advantages of building those strong foundations is that you not only can build a business that lasts, you can also create a legacy for the future. When it comes down to it, isn’t that what all of us want – to be a role model for the generations to come?

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How Will QNET Help Me #DoItRight?

Whether it’s our products or services, everything we do at QNET is to help YOU with whatever your goals in direct selling are. So, whether your aim is to financially free, to live absolutely, to be your own boss, to be part of a network that gives back to the community, the QNET experience is designed for you. Here’s a list of everything QNET is offering to help you reach your goals.

  • Webilearn – Online Workshops

You can learn everything you need to know about QNET through our carefully designed webinars that are run by experts and are on topics that are in demand by our IRs. Our multilingual workshops are conducted on a variety of subjects that include the QNET Compensation Plan, QNET Products, QNET Pro, Tutorials on your virtual office and so much more. Our calendar of lessons is updated weekly so you can sign up for a course at a time and time zone that suits your needs.  Click to see the full schedule of the upcoming FREE Webilearn online sessions.


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  • QNETPRO Trainings And Exams

Apart from attending regularly conducted QNETPRO trainings online, our live sessions in your countries, you can also read up on our QNETPRO content on QBuzz.  You can also take the QNETPRO Online Exam and Certification in the QNET Mobile App. This means you can brush up on what it means to be a QNETPRO and gain certification to prove that you are a professional direct seller in QNET.

You can now view and download your own copy of all of the QNETPRO Professional Marketing Resources on our website.

  • 30+ QNET Communication Channels

Offered in over 6 major languages, QNET has over 30 communication channels with which we try to reach you. This includes our Official Social Media Channels, our mobile app, and the exclusive to IRs Virtual Office. Our QNET YouTube channel is chock full of information from how-to’s, to testimonials from IRs, to advice from your favourite QNET VIPs.

QNET is a direct selling offering that is a class above the rest because we believe that together with our Independent Representatives, we are nurturing the best professional marketers in the business. When you pledge to #DoItRight with QNET, you are pledging to work hard at your success legitimately and transparently. You vow to leave behind a legacy that the future generations can be proud of, and you choose to be a living, breathing role model to all entrepreneurs in direct selling. Which of these #DoItRight tools have you taken advantage of for your benefit? Let us know in the comments.


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