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Chief On The Power Of A Week In Your QNET Journey

Your QNET Journey Power Of A Week With Chief Insta Live Featured

Your QNET Journey is guaranteed to be uniquely set up for success because of the approach of the QNET Founders that began 23 years ago. Covid-19 has changed the world’s perspective of doing business online, and because of going digital from the very beginning, we are able to continue to do business online from anywhere in the world. In this Chief Instagram Live, Chief Pathman Senathirajah talks about how even if your QNET journey is just beginning, every one of you has the potential to go global. With QNET, you can sit anywhere in the world and build a substantially huge direct selling team. Whether it’s training, support, mentoring – you can inspire using your mobile phone. This is the future.

What Makes QNET A Pioneer?

Most direct selling companies around the world work on monthly cycles. If you analyse your life, you will realise that even your life is organised around a 30-day calendar. You earn every 30 days and you pay your bills every 30 days. When QNET was set up in 1998, our Founders wanted to change the way we think. They wanted to create a great sense of urgency in the minds and hearts of us direct sellers. In doing so, they created a paradigm shift, and a new benchmark in the direct selling industry.

For the first time in the industry, commissions were being paid weekly. It was unheard of at the time. They broke the mould and created something that ushered in a new age of entrepreneurship. By giving more value to the “now”, QNET is a direct selling company where every day matters.


Weekly Commissions

With QNET, you can rest assured that you are part of a standout company unlike any other. Unlike other direct selling companies in the industry who operate on a monthly basis, QNET works weekly. The flaw of the 30-day cycle is that you have no sense of urgency. And when you have no sense of urgency, you tend to procrastinate. With QNET, there are four deadlines in one month which means four chances to find success and cash your cheque. It is a unique opportunity to get out of your comfort zone week after week. It means that at QNET, you will make every day count!

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Chief’s Advice On Your QNET Journey

Speaking on the power of a week in QNET, Chief said, “Don’t waste the single day. You only have seven days a week. Don’t waste it, maximise it.” Chief also spoke about how if you make it your mantra to make every day count, then your downlines will also follow your example.  “I want your organisation to be awake, to be switched on, to be passionate to be crazy to be maxed out focus seven days a week.”

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