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#DoItRight: 10 Golden Rules To Live By

Here are 10 Golden Rules to live by if you have taken the pledge to #DoItRight at QNET. These rules are a handy guideline to things you should avoid as you commit to building a professional and sustainable product sales business. When you do your part by championing the 10 Golden Rules, QNET likewise promises to deliver top-quality products and an unmatchable Compensation Plan to support you every step of the way.

QNET’s Pledge

As you start walking your path to success in QNET, we pledge to do our bit to support and empower you. We will not only create quality products that enhance the quality of your life, we will also ensure that other QNET distributors will uphold the values that QNET identifies with. We take violations and unethical practices very seriously. Errant IRs who are found to be violating our Policies and Procedures, and our Code of Ethics will find that their IRship can either be suspended or terminated.


QNET Terminates 409 IRs Globally for Violations and Professional Misconduct

What Are The 10 Golden Rules To Live By?

To enable you to be a #QNETPRO, we have listed down the 10 Golden Rules you can live by at QNET. This list is a handy guide of what NOT to do so that together we can create a healthy, thriving, and sustainable business that is the best in the direct selling industry. Keep them in mind always as you conduct your business.

  1. Don’t extort or force people into recruitment.
  2. Don’t steal or cheat money given to buy products and for recruitment.
  3. Don’t misrepresent the Compensation Plan, especially by guaranteeing fixed income.
  4. Don’t recruit by offering job opportunities with guaranteed income.
  5. Don’t claim we are an ‘investment opportunity’ to represent the business.
  6. Don’t overpromise what the product can do.
  7. Don’t violate the guidelines for operating home offices.
  8. Don’t recruit minors.
  9. Don’t talk to the media on behalf of QNET.
  10. Don’t control someone else’s Quest Account and Virtual Office without permission.

And there you have it, a list of red lines you should not cross as an IR. By following these Golden Rules, you will ensure that you are the best direct seller you can be, that you are conducting your business 100% professionally and ethically, and that you are a role-model every IR in QNET can look up to. Don’t forget to share these rules with your QNET family and your downlines so that we are all striving to #DoItRight no matter what.


Why And How You Can #DoItRight With QNET

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