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Cruising Through QNET Will Not Bring You Success Says Chief

Cruising Through QNET Chief Pathman Senathirajah

Cruising through QNET is possible but will not lead you to success says Chief in this edition of his very popular Chief Instagram Live sessions. You can be part of the QNET family by either buying our world-class quality products or buying into the QNET Business Opportunity, but finding true success in QNET comes with hard work and dedication. Making a decision to join QNET is only the first step. Read on to find out more about the downfalls of cruising through QNET, and what the solution for success is.

The Fundamental Mistake

A lot of distributors believe that they have now made the decision to start in QNET, and that is enough for success. They couldn’t be more wrong. Treating QNET as just another decision in your life, like any other normal decision is the first mistake. They expect to easily sail through to success because they’ve done what they think needs to be done – watch all the direct selling videos, buy their favourite QNET products, and find two downlines. A lot of IRs think that is enough, and then are disappointed when they don’t achieve rank advancement. Here is the truth, that approach does not work.

Why Cruising Through QNET Does Not Work

So, we’ve attended the right training, we’ve attended a V-Convention, we watch Chief’s Wednesday messages without fail, but we aren’t one of QNET’s success stories. Why? It’s because we assume that the work we’ve done is enough. Most people recruit without talking about how hard work is a pre-requisite because we are afraid to sound too serious. We are afraid of acknowledging that we have a price to pay to find success. However, to become a rank advancement pro, we have to realise that the work never stops. Going through a checklist of things to watch is not the same as actually putting in the work to build your network, and maintaining its enthusiasm. Don’t put yourself in cruise mode. Put in the work and watch how the rewards and recognition come flowing your way.

Paying The Price

Anything that is worth achieving takes some effort. Chief says that freaking out about paying the price is unnecessary, especially if you are passionate about direct selling and entrepreneurship. Embrace the intensity, go out of your comfort zone, and race through to success. It is better to try and fail than to sail through your QNET journey. If there’s a common quality among QNET success stories, it’s that they never stop working, they never stop paying the price. In the end, the rewards are worth it.

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Advice From Chief On Finding Success

Chief reiterates that in order to find success, we need to stop cruising through our journey at QNET. He says we need to push ourselves beyond our limits, take risks, and endure. We need to step on the accelerator and zoom through to success. QNET is not a hobby. It’s a big life decision. Once you make it, give it your all. Don’t treat it as just another decision. After all, every life-changing decision comes with a cost.  Be willing to pay it. Don’t put yourself in cruise mode. Instead, put yourself in race mode. And don’t be afraid because QNET will always have your back.

You can watch the full Chief Insta Live Video on the trouble with cruising through QNET here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCQrDEVHn-t/

And there you have it. Another inspirational Chief Instagram Live session to help us take our direct selling journey to the next level. Are you inspired? Will you race through? Leave us your comments.


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