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Celebrate YOU This Global Entrepreneurship Month

Global Entreprenreurship Month With QNET

November is Global Entrepreneurship Month, and what better way to celebrate it than to celebrate YOU. As a QNET distributor, you have made your dreams come true – your dream of being your own boss and running your own business. Deciding to be an entrepreneur did not come easy but you took that leap of faith, and are now living proof of a rewarding experience.

Global Entrepreneurship Month Celebration Ideas

Here’s how you can celebrate your amazing journey as an entrepreneur:

1) Celebrate With Your QNET Family

This is an opportunity to come together as a family of entrepreneurs to look back at the past year’s achievements and brainstorm ideas for the coming future. It’s a great time to share your expertise with your downlines, listen to stories from the field and share best practice. Make time to celebrate each other’s successes, and make a plan to see each other through the tough times as well.

2) Spread Awareness By Showcasing Your Favourite Entrepreneurs

There’s no denying the economic benefits we all reap as a community thanks to strong entrepreneurs from time immemorial. Take the time to showcase your role models, your favourite entrepreneurs or even a favourite quote about entrepreneurship that truly changed your life. Spread awareness about the QNET Opportunity and the idea of the recession-proof direct selling opportunity.

3) Watch Your Favourites To Stay Inspired

Catch up with your favourite entrepreneurship-related videos – especially all of Chief’s Insta Live sessions. Watch previous V-Convention videos and testimonials from your favourite QNET VIPs. Take inspiration from your favourite success stories and watch their TED talks. Now is the time to celebrate all things business.

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This Global Entrepreneurship Month, let’s take time to show our appreciation to the people who have achieved success against all odds, doing whatever it takes while also creating opportunities for others to thrive. This one is for you, our IRs!


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