Lessons From Movies For Entrepreneurs Global Entrepreneurship Month

Here’s a roundup of lessons from movies to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Month. We’ve listed our favourite movies over the past few years and the lessons every entrepreneur and direct seller can learn from them. If you’re looking for a reason to binge-watch some movies, this is it!

Lessons From Movies That Were Box Office Hits

While we haven’t been able to go to the cinema as much as we would’ve liked this year, thanks to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, a lot of our favourite blockbusters from pre-covid times are now streaming online. Choose your favourite and indulge in a home-cinema experience this Global Entrepreneurship Month. Whether it’s lessons from Bird Box, Toy Story 4, Spider-Man Far From Home, The Lion King, Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker or Avengers Endgame, you have lessons from movies for everyone to learn from.

5 Things Networkers Can Learn from Bird Box

5 Things Networkers Can Learn from Bird Box

5 Things Networkers Can Learn from Bird Box

4 Easy To Follow Network Marketing Tips From Toy Story 4

8 Overlooked Lessons From The Lion King For Direct Sellers

5 Leadership Lessons From Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Horror Movies With Lessons For IRs

Lessons On Direct Selling From Top 5 Scary Movies

Watching horror movies does not have to be a scary ordeal when you know you can pick up some solid advice on success from them. Cuddle up with your loved ones, grab a box of popcorn and pick up success tips from the silver screen’s most terrifying villains.

Holiday Movies To Inspire Your Inner Entrepreneur

Top Movies For Direct Sellers To Binge Watch This Holiday Season

Add these holiday-themed movies to your watchlist so you can soak in the holiday spirit while also learning some valuable tips on leadership, entrepreneurship and team building. Filled with some of the all-time classic feel-good movies, you can look back at the year that’s gone by and reminisce on all your accomplishments despite the odds.

Whether it’s horror movies or feel-good holiday movies or even your favourite box office hit, celebrate Global Entrepreneurship month by watching your favourite movie and sharing the lessons from movies with your friends and QNET family. Let us know what your favourite movie was in the comments.


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