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Global Entrepreneurship Month: Top Lessons From Chief

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The joy of having lessons from Chief this 2020 has been like no other. As the world was coping with the consequences of a global pandemic, our very own Chief Pathman Senathirajah took it upon himself to teach us lessons on direct selling and leadership. This Global Entrepreneurship Month, let’s celebrate by looking back at our top 5 favourite lessons from Chief on his official Instagram account.

The ACT 48 Secret Formula For Success 

Hear All About Chief’s ACT 48 Secret Formula For Success In QNET

In this riveting session, Chief reveals the secret formula for success, popularly known as ACT 48 within the QNET family. The secret is to keep it simple and follow the eight building blocks of success in direct selling. All you have to do is activate your tracking centres within 48 hours.

Direct Selling Training And Events

Chief On The Importance Of Direct Selling Training And Coaching

If you missed it, this Insta Live session, Chief talks about the importance for all direct sellers and QNET distributors to attend direct selling events and training sessions. He also encouraged everyone to find a mentor they can rely on to help point them in the right direction if lost.

Two Foundational Building Blocks Of Direct Selling

Chief boils down success in QNET to two of the most important and fundamental foundational building blocks of direct selling. They are Commitment, and Name and Dream Lists. Read all about it in the article or rewatch the live session to educate yourself on the basic tenets of success.

The Power Of A Week

Chief On The Power Of A Week In Your QNET Journey

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QNET is different to other direct selling networks out there because it has created a new benchmark by having a weekly cycle rather than a monthly one. With that time frame, our IRs feel a renewed sense of motivation and urgency that is guaranteed to keep them on their toes and find success.

The Biggest Secret To Success

Chief Reveals His Biggest Secret To Success In QNET

Of all the tips and lessons from Chief, this one is the biggest. Spoiler alert – the biggest secret is YOU. Chief paints a picture on how when you unlock your potential and believe in yourself, anything is possible. He reveals also what happened when he realised the secret. Read on to find out more.


Celebrate YOU This Global Entrepreneurship Month



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