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Global Entrepreneurship Month: Celebrating Women In Business

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Let’s celebrate women in business this Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and join in 144 countries worldwide in making #WEDO2020 one for the books. This year, while the main summit will virtual, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day will giveus the opportunity to recognise women innovators and job creators who not only bring ideas to life but also drive economic growth.

What Is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day?

Founded in 2013 by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organisation (WEDO), World Entrepreneurship Day seeks to empower women globally to be their own bosses and participate actively in the economy. It is an occasion to educate ourselves on the importance of women in business, and why it’s vital to build a network of like-minded individuals to change the world.

Women And Direct Selling

Women make up 74% of the 180 billion dollar direct selling industry, proving time and again that they are the backbone of this thriving industry. If you are a woman who is looking to get into business, direct selling with QNET is your best foot forward. With low start-up costs, flexible schedules, growth potential, products that add value to your lives, and the great potential to be financially independent, direct selling is your recession-proof step into being a thriving global entrepreneur.

How To Celebrate Women In Business

By 2025, women in will add USD 12 trillion to the economy. They are essential players in a healthy economy, and it’s time to pay homage to them.

Let’s Celebrate Our Biggest Role Models – QNET Women

1) Send A Kudos To Our QNET Women

Showcase your favourite QNET women on your social media. Show them how much you appreciate them and tell the world about how they inspire you.

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2) Educate Yourself

Reading about women’s struggles and successes in the business world is the best way for you to understand the female experience in business. Learn about why it’s important to encourage women in business, and put your knowledge into action.

3) Give Back

Go all out in your efforts to promote women by Raising Yourself to Help Mankind. Volunteer in events that promote entrepreneurship among women in need. Send some love to organisations aimed at helping women succeed.

We are constantly in awe of our QNET Women who are not only leaders but also innovators and role models. This Women’s Entrepreneurship, let’s make a pledge to celebrate, empower and support our QNET Women!


Celebrate YOU This Global Entrepreneurship Month



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