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QNET’s Chetan Korada Wins MRF Saloon Series 2020 Debut Race

Chetan Korada Wins Debut MRF Saloon Series 2020 Race

QNET Brand Ambassador and IR favourite racer Chetan Korada started the MRF Saloon Series 2020 with a massive win. Flaunting the QNET logo and boldly lifting his prize, Chetan made his whole QNET family proud by winning one of the races in the first round of the MRF Saloon Car Series. The MRF Indian National Car Racing Championship 2020 resumed after a 9-month break due to Covid-19.

Chetan Korada QNET Official Instagram

The MRF Saloon Series 2020 was held in Chennai, India and hosted in a bio-bubble, behind closed doors. Keeping in line with the government-mandated rules, the races didn’t have any spectators but was kept exciting nonetheless. What made the race that much more impressive was the victory of our very own Chetan Korada, Asia’s only differently-abled racing driver.

What Is The MRF Saloon Series

MRF Saloon Series 2020 Debut Race

Making its debut in the Indian National Car Racing Championship 2020, the MRF Saloon Series is a highly anticipated race of Saloon cars comprising of a long bonnet, a compressed body, and four doors. This year’s race is the first of its kind in the annual championship with Chetan winning the first race of the season in his Toyota Etios.

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Chetan’s Spectacular Victory

QNET Chetan Korada Posing in Front Of His Saloon Car scaled

Chetan is an inspirational racing driver who holds the record of being the first Asian racer ever to win a race using prosthetic feet. Being a bi-lateral amputee has not held him back from going after his dreams and making every one of them come true. He is the first-ever racer in Asia and second in the world to master such a feat, proving time and again to be a role model to look up to. Winning his first saloon car race is just another feather in his cap.

Chetan Korada is living proof of how perseverance and a never-give-up attitude is key to success. By not letting any obstacle get in his way, he gives us ample reason to follow our passions and reach greater heights without excuse. Join us in congratulating Chetan on his amazing victory. Here’s hoping for more!


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