Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A Message From Chief On Global Entrepreneurship Month 2020

This Global Entrepreneurship Month 2020, Chief has a special message for you, our QNET IRs. As entrepreneurs, this month is a reminder of your worth and your importance. Take a minute today to celebrate your achievements and to read what Chief Pathman has to say to you.

Nothing Less Than The Best

If there is one thing this year has brought into stark focus, it is our strength in adapting to change. We entered a new decade with high hopes, and we have been given a great opportunity to transform ourselves. Now, more than ever, our strength as an e-commerce powerhouse that is well poised to thrive when traditional retail companies are going out of business, has become obvious.

If there is one great thing that QNET is committed to delivering more of in this prime age of change, it is world-class quality products, made accessible to anyone who wishes to take charge of their life. In line with our Founders’ vision for a thriving, sustainable future for the company, the business, and the network, we are driven by our commitment to empowering entrepreneurs with the best products in the right business.

Chief’s Message To QNET IRs

As networkers, we know that the key to success is consistency. While we navigate these changing times, our focus and priority remain on changing people’s lives. With the very first V-Convention Connect, we have embraced innovation and broken barriers in bringing together people from around the world into a virtual space where we embrace and celebrate the mission of RYTHM.

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Let go of any doubts or apprehensions that have been holding you back from reaching your full potential. Don’t allow your inhibitions to stunt your growth and progress. I say, NO MORE FEAR. The future is here, and it is ours to claim. Let’s go!


Celebrate YOU This Global Entrepreneurship Month


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