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Global Entrepreneurship Month: QNET Success Stories To Inspire

Let’s take some time to read our favourite QNET Success Stories published this 2020 as we reach the final week of Global Entrepreneurship Month. While it’s important to focus on our business, on hard work and a never-give-up attitude in the face of unprecedented circumstances, it is also important to take a step back and celebrate our victories – in this case, the QNET Success Stories. In case you missed it, here are some of our favourite stories published this year.

Blue Diamond Star V Partner Sachin Gupta

V Partner Sachin Gupta 5

Not only is V Partner Sachin Gupta a QNET success story we are so proud of, he has also nurtured a team full of achievers that sit all around the world. He has a reputation of being a leader with an always positive mindset and is the first-ever Blue Diamond Star in QNET. He is living proof of how with the right attitude and discipline, success at QNET is inevitable.

Blue Diamond Star and V Partner Sachin Gupta On Taking A Chance On QNET

Diamond Star Associate V Partner Sharfun Shaikh

QNET Achievers Club Associate V Partner Sharfun Shaikh

Talking to Associate V Partner Sharfun Shaikh, it is immediately clear that her success is down to her unrelenting actions towards achieving great results. She is a big believer in hard work, consistency and belief in self. She also believes that if you believe in the product and the business you are working for, that passion will translate into your direct selling work.

V Partner Sharfun Shaikh On The QNET Achievers Club

Diamond Star Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral

Associate V Partner Fofana On Stage At V-Con

Our very own Associate V Partner is one of those QNET Success Stories you will inevitably hear about when you join QNET. This is because he took a leap of faith with the firm belief that one day he would succeed. He is living proof that building and nurturing a strong team of likeminded individuals is the fastest path to success in rank advancement.

Diamond Star Associate V Partner Fofana Amaral On Believing In Yourself

Diamond Star Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis

Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis Featured Image

Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis is honest and direct about what it takes to be an achiever in the direct selling industry, and especially in QNET. He believes that QNET is meant for high-performers who aren’t shy to have crazy goals. He believes that in following the QNET Compensation plan, you too can become one of the QNET Success Stories everyone looks up to.

Associate V Partner Yasir Khamis On the Meaning of Success

Platinum Star V Partner Ibn Abbas

Ibn Abbas Success Story

V Partner Ibn Abbas is seen as a role model among so many QNET distributors worldwide because of his story. Even though nothing was easy when he started out, unlike other people who gave up, he persevered and never stopped even when he was faced with challenges. He carried on his day-to-day with an unshakeable belief that he would achieve his goals no matter what. According to him, the key to success is to always believe in yourself.

QNET Success Story: Platinum Star V Partner Ibn Abbas

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Platinum Star Associate V Partner Nasib BR

qnet achievers nasib br success story

Success came to V Partner Nasib BR when he decided to be a follower. He followed his upline V Partner Padma, using her as a benchmark for success. He sought her advice and followed it, knowing that by listening, he was not wasting time reinventing the wheel. His secret to success is to focus on your downlines rank advancement.

QNET Achievers Spotlight: Platinum Star Associate V Partner Nasib BR

Platinum Star V Council Member Omar Medhat

V Council Member Omar Medhat QNET Success Story Featured

To V Council Member Omar Medhat, the key to becoming a QNET Achiever is focus. What he does is to have a focus and to create a plan around it. It’s not just enough to have a goal, you need to also create a plan to work towards it, and then to work hard till you achieve it. Now that he is a Platinum Star, his next goal is to be a Diamond Star, and then after that, he aims to be a Blue Diamond Star.

QNET Success Story: Platinum Star V Council Member Omar Medhat

Platinum Star V Council Member Omar Alhallak

QNET V Council Member Omar Alhallak Featured

A strong member of the QNET Achievers’ Club, V Council Member Omar Alhallak believes in the importance of having a clear vision for your life and your future. He believes that having passion isn’t enough. You need to follow passion up with realistic actions and consistency. True success in QNET comes not just from making money, but about creating a positive impact on the lives of others.

Platinum Star Midhulaj Paramba

Midhulaj Paramba Featured Image

Midhulaj made a name of himself by achieving Platinum Star status despite a global pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing measures. He went from working from when he was 15 in different industries to choosing a recession-proof QNET Business Opportunity. He has proven that he is willing to adapt to difficult situations and adopt a positive mindset, and THAT is the key to his success.

QNET IR Midhulaj Paramba On Becoming Platinum Star During Covid-19 Pandemic

Platinum Star Mustafa Negm

Mustafa Negm QNET Platinum Star Success Story

Mustafa gave up a career as a marine engineering officer from a prestigious naval college to be part of the QNET family. His motivation was to rise above traditional career paths where he was sure he’d be stuck in for decades, struggling even to meet his basic needs. His motivation to succeed in QNET comes from his desire to provide a better future for his son and his family.

Platinum Star Mustafa Negm On Choosing QNET Over Marine Engineering


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