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Associate V Partner Digvijay Singh On Being A QNET Achiever

Associate V Partner Digvijay Singh QNET Success Story

When Associate V Partner Digvijay Singh started his QNET Journey in 2010, it was on the back of a presentation made to him by his childhood best friend V Partner Sachin Gupta.  He wasn’t entirely sure if he was cut out for it. However, he decided to focus on learning everything about direct selling and QNET without preconceptions or prejudice. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Life Before QNET

For Associate V Partner Digvijay Singh, life before QNET was monotonous. He was an introvert who worked at a telecommunications company, and every day was the same. He realised that despite 13 years in the job, he had zero control of his time or his money. He found himself living a very average life.

What truly made a difference from just being someone who didn’t know anything about direct selling to being one of top achievers in QNET was the coaching of his upline V Partner Kavita. Apart from the support and advice from V Partner Sachin, V Partner Kavita’s vision is what helped him nurture a vision of success for himself.

Associate V Partner Digvijay Singh’s QNET Journey

After earning his first commission from QNET Product sales in the first few weeks of joining QNET, Associate V Partner Digvijay found that he needed to be consistent in order to earn consistently. It took him over two years before he considered himself successful.

“The hardest challenge initially was to make time for QNET while also managing my job and my personal life. Frankly, I don’t remember the rejections, because my uplines managed to keep my excitement high. There were no wrong expectations set about overnight successes, so rejections never bothered me. V Partner Kavita has been instrumental in helping me see every challenge in a different light. The moment I have that different perspective, it stops being a challenge. My wife and my uplines have been the biggest support in my journey, and have helped me survive and reach where I have reached,” he said, speaking on facing and overcoming challenges.

When asked what his next big goal is going to be, after achieving greater levels in Rank Advancement, he said that he was going to aim to double his income, as well as build a new market.

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The Traits Of A QNET Achiever

I have the best examples of achievers in front of me – V Partner Sachin and V Partner Kavita. One thing that they have in common is that both of them are very big dreamers. They don’t hesitate to dreaming big and they make others part of their dream. Once they make a decision, they don’t cut corners in the implementation of their plan. They keep going until they achieve their goals. Another admirable quality is that they have a child-like enthusiasm towards everything they do.”

Advice To IRs On Qualifying For The Achievers Club

Being a part of the QNET Achievers Club and being a QNETPRO is easy for those who have made up their mind on being successful. According to Associate V Partner Digvijay Singh, one should “Decide the goal, then share with your working uplines the reason and the strategy for the goal and be accountable for the success of your goal. This is a platform where u get to meet the best of the best and if you are hungry enough you will learn so much from everyone and more than that, achievers carry an energy which will rub off on you and u will come back with better energy and bigger goals.”

Speaking on how he motivates his team to become Achievers, Associate V Partner Digvijay follows in his upline’s advice. “Motivation is not of much use because you need it everyday to succeed. Instead, achieve the goals that you want your team to achieve and lead from the front through actions. Inspire people through your actions and achievements.”

Being a person who liked keeping to himself, Associate V Partner Digvijay Singh found the beginning difficult. However, he found a way to keep going, even despite the failures. He stresses that failures are what shapes a person into becoming someone who can handle success. His QNET journey is truly inspirational.


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