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Nurturing Your Network Is The Foundation Of Success Says Chief


Speaking on the foundation of success, Chief Pathman Senathirajah laid down the reasons why many IRs fail in keeping their network active. In his latest Chief Insta Live session, he talks about why nurturing your network instead of trying to build it blindly in the hopes that one or two will catch is the best way forward to networking success. Let’s break down his riveting session and all of the gems he laid out for success in QNET.

The Greatest Challenge In Direct Selling

“The greatest challenges we face today in the industry, as Dato Sri Vijay highlighted to me a few days ago, is that a person who signs up needs to understand what he or she needs to do. However, the greatest danger is that you sign up somebody, and then you dump five videos on them. You force them to attend a training or watch zoom training by the upline. But there’s not enough to guide them one on one,” says Chief.

The foundation of success is having the right building blocks to help your new inductee into the QNET business, giving them the right tools and information when they need it. Just like in golf, you have the golfer, but you also have a caddy who carries the golf set, gives the golfer vital information on the terrain and the challenges, and sets up the game for success. In QNET, you need to be the caddy of your downline when you start off in the business. When they sign up, guide them every step of the way and set expectations right so that they are not overwhelmed.

The Rambutan Syndrome

The beginning of the journey of the IR is very important because it decides the future of the IR – will they be a builder? A good direct seller? Will they switch off? Or give up before they even get started.

“The saddest statistic in direct selling is the number of people who sign up and don’t even get started. That means they switch off, they give up before starting. And this is sad, but this is a reality. And the reason is the person who signs them up, thinks that get job is over the minute they process the signer, and then give him three videos ask him to attend an event. Right? It’s almost like the rambutan syndrome.”

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A rambutan is a tropical fruit that is hairy but really sweet and succulent. Getting the rambutans down from the tree was very difficult because the tree had red fire ends that made it impossible to climb. So as kids, they would throw sticks and stones at the tree until a few rambutans fell down. Chief compares this to IRs throwing videos at their sign ups in the beginning. Sure, you’ll sign up a few people every now and then, but the rest of them will remain on the tree if they are not nurtured with intention, building on a foundation of success.

How To Build The Foundation Of Success

Create a golden rule with yourself about how you will carry all of your direct referrals to success. That way, your success rate will increase tremendously. If you make the decision that every person you introduce to QNET, you will ensure you follow through, you will set the right expectations, and that you will explain the direct selling industry to them instead of throwing videos and events at them, then you are in with a good foundation of success.

To catch up on his full talk and all of the nuggets of wisdom Chief Pathman has shared with us, watch the full Chief Insta Live Session 14 here:

Remember, success in QNET is possible with the right tools, intentions and attitude. And when you are in a bit of a slump, tune into Chief’s official Instagram for messages to motivate you and reenergise you. Don’t forget to share this message with all of your friends and QNET family.


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  1. Good morning Chief, thanks a lot here you explained everything that makes new IR’s disappear. For us as a leaders we have to understand our responsibilities is not only to welcome their presentations but also to make them know that this is their own business so they have to know it well.

  2. Thank you Chief, what you explained is absolutely true. Cultivating and nurturing the top leaders or the direct sign ups is the key foundation of the success in Qnet business. Thank you so much for the Wisdom and inspiration.


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