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Plan Your Year Ahead With The 2021 QNET Sales Calendar


The 2021 QNET Sales Calendar is now out, which means that as you look back at 2020, you can also plan ahead to 2021 and start making plans for your success. Learn what your sales weeks will look like in the new year and start thinking of ideas on how to make the best of your direct selling journey with QNET.

The 2021 QNET Sales Calendar

In this calendar, you can see:

  • Sales Week: Unlike other direct selling businesses, QNET pays commissions weekly, which means we have divided the year into sales weeks. In 2021, we have 52 weeks which indicate 52 opportunities for success in QNET in one year. Typically, a sales week starts every Saturday at 00:00 HKST and ends every Friday at 23:59 HKST.
  • Sales Month: Very close to a regular month in a calendar, a sales month includes either 4 or 5 sales weeks. A QNET year has 12 sales months.
  • Covered Sales Dates: These indicate the exact dates that are included in your sales week so that when you’re planning ahead of a successful 2021, you are armed with the exact dates.

We hope that having this 2021 QNET Sales Calendar in advance will help inspire you to make your plans for the new year a success. Don’t forget to build in a level of flexibility into your schedules for the new year. If we’ve learnt anything from 2020, it is to be always prepared for unexpected situations and to find solutions no matter what. Start defining your objectives for the new year, keep it simple, make it measurable, and plan it with the 2021 QNET sales calendar in mind. 2021 is going to be rocking. We can already feel it.

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