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Chief Pathman Dishes On The Key To Overcoming Negativity

Chief Pathman On Overcoming Negativity Chief Insta Live sessions

Let’s start the year right by learning about overcoming negativity from our very own Chief Pathman Senathirajah. Since the start of the pandemic, Chief’s Official Instagram Account has been the home of inspirational messages, mind-blowing lessons on success, and eye-opening tips about direct selling. In this Chief Insta Live session, we learn about changing our pessimism by nurturing optimism, and overcoming negativity in order to find success in QNET.

Expect Negativity From Your Circle

When Chief first joined QNET, people closest to him told him he was a moron, and that he was making a huge mistake. Every single prospect have been fed a multitude of information that leaves people with negative feelings about direct selling So when you first start talking about QNET, expect that people will send you a lot of negative articles. When you expect negativity, you are better prepared to not give up on your amazing journey to success.

Know That You Are Not Alone

If there’s one thing that ties all entrepreneurs together, including Chief and Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran, is that they have also faced negativity throughout their journeys. Every single time Chief does a presentacion, he faces negativity, even though QNET has proven time and again to be a pioneering and solid direct selling company. So always remember that you are not alone. You are on the same boat as some of the greats. That will help you with overcoming negativity.

Opinions Are Not Facts

It is important to remember that your friends and family’s feedback to you is an opinion, not a fact. Luckily, despite the negativity, Chief was so enthusiastic about QNET that he did not let it stop him. He was so excited about the opportunity to transform your life that he kept going. There is enough proof about what a wonderful and life-changing opportunity direct selling and QNET is. When faced with negativity, remind yourself of that and keep moving forward.

Be Honest With Yourself

In the words of Chief, we need to “Wake up and smell the coffee.” Direct selling is not a walk in the park. You need to be honest with yourself about how much work it will take, and how much energy you need to overcome not just negativity but also rejection. Knowing just what it takes to find success in QNET will help you make a better plan that has a greater chance of working.

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Trying To Change Minds Is A Waste Of Time

People will always have their own ideas on what’s right or good, and what isn’t. They will not change their minds no matter how much time and energy you spend trying to get them on your side. Instead, re-direct that time and energy into making your team stronger, and occupying yourself with more productive activities. Changing people’s wrongly placed opinions on the direct selling industry is a waste of time, especially when you can be living proof of how successful someone can be in this industry.

Plan To Overcome Negativity Whenever You Face It

Make a private policy to not let the negativity affect you or create doubts in your mind. You know the facts – you know who QNET is, you know what the services and products are, you know your uplines, you know your QNET family. Hold on to things that you know work for you and let that be your anchor. Focus on what you need to do to find success, rather than spending your time sad about the things that aren’t working out. Focus on the strengths and the positives.

You can find the full Chief Instagram Live session on negativity and how to overcome it here:

What was your most eye-opening lesson about negativity from this session? Let us know in the comments.


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